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Talking awsome solution

so i have been wondering about my air stone, i know my betta doesnt need one but i like to keep one in the tank anyway just for airation, but it was just so bubbly lol more than i wanted, even with the air pump turned on low very low lol so i was looking at it today and accidentally bent the air tube and notices it restricted the flow i then saw an old chip clip on my dresser and was like TA DA!!! lol i bent the tube just ever so slightly and placed it into the chip clip and bam it doesnt crush the tube or anything just acts like a clamp to hold the tube in the angle i wante it at , i was like yay i dont have to buy another air pump woooo whooo lol. i played around with it and made sure that it didnt eventually shut all air off compleetly. this was alll sparked today by me noticing how harshly the top water was, it was rippling all over the place and i figured ," if i was a male betta, i wouldnt wana make a bubble nest in what lookes like coppy ocean lol " sooo now the top water is much much more calm and i think that this will help obsidian not freak out around the bubbles and maybe even make a bubble nest.
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Good luck! My boys never made bubble nests no matter how little bubbles there were. The one that survived the move started making bubbles today, the first day in his new digs with no bubblers! lol.

Though also keep in mind that some boys just don't make bubbles. My suggestion to remedy this is to get at least 1 or 2 other male bettas so your are more likely to have one that does. ;)
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You're actually not supposed to restrict the airflow like that because the extra pressure built up in the line can damage your pump. The safer way to do it is to get a 2-way gang valve (like this: that will split your line into 2 lines. Then you have one line run to your air stone and you let the other valve just vent excess air without any tubing hooked up to it. When you hook it up, start out with both of them open all the way. Then lower the flow out of the venting valve if you want more air to the air stone or lower the flow out of the air stone valve if you want it bubbling less.
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