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ADF Emergency

Guys, I feel very guilty. These past three weeks, we've been moving and dealing with spontaneous unemployment issues and i haven't perform frequent enough water changes on our tanks, (Both went 3 weeks without a change). This caused one of ADF's to die, and the other one is looking pretty bad. (The Bettas seem perfectly fine however, damn hearty fish.) So after promptly give each tank a 75% change, and burying poor Cheeto.... My concern has returned to Frito. He has been in a QT for the past few days, and I will admit, its pretty chilly every morning when I wake up, so he is probably freezing..... I gotta remedy that. But his water is full of what looks to be bits of skin, he is semi-bloated and practically transparent. He eats and swims around pretty normally, but he looks piss poor. His eyes, which were one an amber color are now almost entirely black. His skin is so pale, I can make out his circulatory system and major organs!!!!! What can we do!? Will frequent water changes and warmth be enough to bring Frito back from the thresholds of death???

Please help!
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RnB, I'm sorry, I'm not an expert on ADFs so I can't offer you any specific advice. However, it sounds like he has ammonia poisoning so I would treat him the same as I would treat a betta: clean water with daily water changes and see if you can get the temp up to whatever ADFs are comfortable at. I'm not sure how far gone Frito is but I think if you can do these two things until someone with more frog knowledge posts, it would be his best hope. Good luck and I hope Frito makes it.
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^ Do what Sakura suggested, she's on the right track. :) Heat and clean water should help him along to recovery- unless if he has some sort of serious problem. :/
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