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Old 08-26-2011, 08:08 AM   #21 
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Don't mean to hijack or off-topic.

But what does a mossball do?
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Originally Posted by Banicks View Post
Don't mean to hijack or off-topic.

But what does a mossball do?
Mine don't do anything but sit there. But they haven't died yet. I've killed all my other plants, I'm hoping these survive.
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Actually, the Betta we keep today tend to do better and have less problems in basic to a bit harder water.....they are domesticated fish that have been farmed raised/home bred for so long that harder water is more suited/tolerated and they have never seen their native waters...if you get wild would need to change the chemistry...But, our domesticated Bettas native water is now more basic and fish are really adaptable to long as extremes are avoided...generally what ever your pH and hardness of your source water is....that is best.....stable chemistry is much safer.......
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Banicks: Supposedly because moss balls are really balls of algae, they eat up the nutrients bad algae use, thus preventing it from forming in our tanks. In reality, they just sit there or occasionally move for no apparent reason and creep us out.
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My intent wasnt to confuse you, just inform you...

As stated after post most domestic fish are adapted to the Typical Medium Hard water that comes out of the tap...

I was just trying to point out to not mess with it if you dont have too cause its not easy and basically will require you to be more of a chemist..
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Old 08-27-2011, 12:34 AM   #26 
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oooki doki =D

i'm just worried because yuki seems to love freaking me out and is always playing dead somewhere and floats sideways on the surface in the corner making bubbles .. not a bubble nest .. just random bubbles .. like he'll be fine and swimming around and exploring or lounging .. then when i'm not looking he'll start playing dead again T_T ..

and i wonder if he is just more sensitive to the water then my other bettas .. or if there was something wrong with his water ? or if there's something wrong with him ? .. cus sometimes he really looks like he's dead .. and i'll go try to take a picture of him and he'll start moving around and swimming happily .. like "hah fool'd ya again"
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