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Originally Posted by lordadamar View Post

The night feeding thing is not much of a concern in my current tanks because they are Fry and need the extra. And I really feed around 5-6 pm and there tank is on 10 hour daylight timer till 8pm..

But yes you should learn recognize what your fish needs... they are all different...
Understood, I wasn't talking about babies, just adult bettas. ;)
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I have and use the 3g tank you bought, you can adjust the filtration by turning the airpump, you can make it very softly bubble. But i also had issues with it, the tube has a guard, but its far too big and my adult male could fit into the tube and did 2 times before i had to mesh that up. Theres also much debate on undergravel filters being good/bad but for me, after 2 months i had a cycle, but not a 100% stable one so it was donig something. I dont blame you for wanting to change tanks though, something with a real filter and more width then hieght is much better for a betta and as much as that aquaview costs, you could get something nicer. Not to mention when i contacted aquaview 360 makers about my issues i never got a response -.-
Originally Posted by Frack View Post
So I want to get a Betta and I've been doing my homework. I don't yet have my fish as I want to get everything set up and good to go first. Also, I've never had a fish before.

I got a tank last night ( ) but I'm going to take it back as I thought it was a bit too cheaply made - and hard to assemble correctly. Also the current would be too much for a beta.

So, can you guys help point me in a better direction?

Here's What I Know:

I want it to be at least 2-3 gallons. A filter would make water changes easier, but I'm okay with having to do a 50 and 100% change in a 2 or 2.5 once a week.

I'll need a heater. - For a 2-3 gallon tank I should be okay with a 10 watt heater.

I have an outside thermometer - I'll be getting a regular one as well.

I'll need food - High protein Betta food. I know there's a great debate between pellets and flakes. o.0 Who's on what side and what do you suggest?

Decor - I've got the rocks and now I know that non rough/sharp plastics and ceramics are okay. Yaaay! And I'll need a cave. I wanted the Betta Hammock, but then heard the Zoo Med Betta Hammocks aren't safe, so.. on to something else.


So my question is (yay, she's finally getting to the point) - What am I missing? What do you guys suggest?
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decor, heater, new aquarium, suggestions, tanks

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