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Old 08-26-2011, 03:40 AM   #1 
Abby's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Lismore, NSW
What fishy stuff have you done today?

Today Ive preped a tank to be resealed (sprung a leak) drooled over the LFS fish, just started the RO water to fill a bucket then i have to heat the water then ill swap out the floating folk into fresh warm clean water and then feed.

over the weekend i hope to be able to get more photos :)
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Old 08-28-2011, 01:21 AM   #2 
Join Date: Feb 2011
Three 50% water changes, treatment of community tank for ich, plants in four tanks, one filter, two sponges and one canister serviced. Finishing sterlization of my sorority tank (4x normal dose of lifeguard, all fish removed last week), tore down a defunct petco hex (12v supply failed) and helped out 3 customers at my LFS.

Nolan hates it, but as long as he's not the evil bad news bearer. I've had to start wearing shirts that are clearly not employee gear (even changing before I go to the store XD)

And I'm headed to walmart to find a nice boy who's going to be neglected to death to help my 220gph sorority cycle. Very busy.

Nolan can't say "don't do that" with a pained look of pitty on his face. Customers would throw a fit. XD

*Today was NOT an average day...
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Old 08-28-2011, 02:11 AM   #3 
harrypotter's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
I did a full 100% water change, fed him and spent a little time playing with him
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Old 08-28-2011, 04:18 AM   #4 
New Member
Aquarianblue's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Kennewick,WA
My fishy day!!! :D :D

You guys wanna know what I did today that was fishy? I BOUGHT MY FIRST BETTA!!! (Well my first in a few years)

He's a really really pretty blue one, with a long flowing, spiky looking tail. I bought him for my girlfriend to try getting her into Bettas, as well. I will be buying my betta for myself in a week or so, but he is still beauiful and stuffs!!!

No name for him yet. and I will have pics of him up soon
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Old 08-28-2011, 09:52 AM   #5 
Littlebittyfish's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Florida
Baby talked my dragongoby...drooled at the 1 dollar per gallon local ad...but don't really have the cash to buy another 50 gallon right now..Did most of my water changes Friday but will do one on my 10 gallon today...For some reason my guy has a never ending case of finrot...Medications and salt don't seem to help him...So I am just going to make frequent water changes and hope it helps.Hopefully I will be going to buy some new plants sometime today.
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Old 08-28-2011, 10:17 AM   #6 
LaLaLeyla's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: South Dakota
All I did was feed my bettas. Because I just woke up xP
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Old 08-28-2011, 08:21 PM   #7 
caitic10's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Canada
Talked my dad into getting me another betta! Fed my fish, treated Po for torns fins and thats pretty much it. :P
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Old 08-28-2011, 08:48 PM   #8 
DragonFish's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Batavia, IL
Fed the boys(of course)
Went out and convinced dad to let my buy a new boy that I turned out had been 'waiting' for me at Petco since last Tuesday
And then set up the new guy in his tank xD
Tomorrow is water change day for Anak o:
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Old 08-28-2011, 09:15 PM   #9 
PitGurl's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2011
Today was bloodworm day so all the minions got their favorite frozen treat. I also paid the breeder for my new DT boy. He'll be here next week!
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Old 08-28-2011, 09:20 PM   #10 
Pataflafla's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Lake Havasu, Arizona
1 50% change,1 25% change, bought a new tank and betta for my sister's birthday present as well as the gravel, washed out the air line tube we use to vacuum the gravel, and threw away my bottle of freeze dried blood worms because my dog decided to eat them.
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