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Old 08-28-2011, 10:12 AM   #1 
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New Panda Cories for my Blue

I bought 6 panda cories, and at first, my betta didn't pay much attention to them.. just wondered where his food was. Today is bloodworm day.

The cories seems to be doing fine. I dropped 1/2 Hikari Algae Eater pellet (they are about 1 cm or so), and 1 Hikari Bottom Feeder pellet (these are kind of small, about 0.5 cm or less).

The cories seem to be ignoring the food, but I'm guessing from the other threads this is normal for the beginning.

The betta will flare and chase them... not really get at them because he's so slow.

Would it be best to pull the betta out during the next water change, and rearrange the decorations, and then put him back in and try to "trick" him that this is a new tank?

How much rearranging should/can I do (I don't have much in there as it is)? Or should I just get new decorations? Or just leave him alone because the betta seems to not be able to harm them anyways.. unless they were sleeping and was caught unexpected.

10 Gallon Tank
78-80* Temp
Planning another water change today (doing dailies to get the ammonia back down)

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It wouldn't be a terrible idea to move the things around that you have. And it looks like you still have some space in there for more deco, maybe a few plants?

I know many people have kept cories with bettas. But I won't. Let me explain why. :)

I have had cories in a community tank for almost 3 years now, and I've seen a full range of personality. I have had a couple different fish in the tank I have had to remove/ separate from them, because eventually they would get chased and bullied; and even if no physical damage was done to them, after awhile they would end up hiding alot of the time. And I don't know of any cories that should behave that way. When they feel safe and are happy, they are as active, or more so even, than my bettas are; and spend little time at the bottom of the tank. They really only go to the bottom to rest for short periods of time, and to eat. The rest of the time, they are on all levels of the tank.

I tried keeping a dwarf gourami in the tank with them. And once he got settled he staked out the tank for himself; and chased them away from caves, and always from food. I had to put him in his own tank. I also had an SAE with them later, who also started to bully them and chase them away from food. In both circumstances neither bully ever did physical damage. But in a short time of being chased they had to resort to hiding from them, and when it was clear they were unhappy I had to separate the offenders. And after I did so; they went back to their gregarious selves. For reference:

I don't say any of this to scare you, merely to warn you to keep an eye on them. It is imperative in a community set up that all inhabitants feel safe and happy, not only because we want them to be; but also because stress can cause them to fall ill. If your betta ends up very chill and ignores them? They will probably be ok. But if he chases them..even if he doesn't do any damage, over time you will find your cories hiding, and this is just not the natural personality I have seen in these delightful little catfish.
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I definitely keeping an eye on everyone. My worst case would be to take the Panda Cories back to the LFS. :(

Luckily, it looks ok right now. My betta goes down there, may just sit down there, pretty close to the cories, and they just ignore him, unless he gets too close. The chasing isn't as much as it was yesterday... just hopes the betta just eventually ignores them.
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