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Fry Food

What kinds of foods do you all feed your newly hatched betta fry?

Baby Brineshrimp, Microworms, Frozen Baby Brineshrimp??

Would just like to know what you all have tried and works.
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I feed microworms for the first few days after free swimming, I try and get them off microworms soon as they are big enough to eat bbs.
Then Ill feed bbs,
Then, soon as possible, I'll try and convince them to try decapsulated bbs because I'm lazy (so much easier than hatching bbs)

Lately I've noticed little greeblies (like daphina and little wormy things that stick to the glass) in the water that the fry like to eat...
It allows me to be even lazier and skip a meal or two.
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I feed micro worms and what ever other little wormy things the fry can find in the tank... I have never been gutsy enough to try bbs but I did try a powdered fry food once it was kinda like dried powdered egg they seemed to like it just fine
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Thanks for the replies....
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