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medicated water -garlic juice. I understood u correct? Thank you. I wish i can do it.
I just goggle ,,How to Raise Mosquito Larvae for Fish Food"" It tell u what to do.

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Thank you all for all the responses!!!

But not having time to go and raise mosquito larvae, I went to my LFS instead. I might have found some larvae in my pool waterfountain since it has remained of for a while now and the chlorine has evaporated, but I didn't trust it would be chemical free. Also I am generally not a fan of live foods because of the parasite thing, I get soaking them in garlic, but medicating food with antiparasitics to eliminate parasites sounds unhealthy.

I went and picked up freeze dried bloodworms and frozen bloodworms. I know that neither food is a complete balanced diet but I just wanted to get them started on eating and feeling comfortable in their tanks. I soaked both in Seachem's garlic and they were iffy about the freeze dried eating only 1 or 2 and loved the frozen and ate them with abandon. I am a bit concerned about the parasites in frozen as well... hope the garlic helps.

Now I just got to get them started on New Life pellets. Hope it's not impossible now that they have been spoiled! Tried soaking those in garlic and the big guy spit them out once and never tried again.

I hope feeding him isn't difficult because he is HUGE. He is white opaque OHM dragon from Aquastar71 (Kit) and worth every penny. He is about 2 to 3x bigger than the bettas at my pet store and the finnage is stunning.

Unfortunately the other one from Floyd's breeder is really banged up and missing scales all over his body. Not really sure how that happens in shipping, when in the very same shipment the other one is perfect. I suspect he wasn't in the best shape before his trip. His caudal fin is split in half too. He's a bitty thing and adorable though.

Anyway thanks for all the help... if anyone has any further input on how to feed picky bettas a balanced not live diet I am all ears. I am down with frozen, or anything that is truly parasite risk free. Thanks!

Oh and BTW just address the concern over rotting food, I always turkey baster it out. No probs there but thanks for asking.
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Hi just wondering how is you bettas doing?:0
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^^ I'm fairly certain they irradiate the frozen foods (at least the higher-quality brands), so the chance of parasites occurring from this is slim to none.

It took a while for my Thailand import to eat pellets with much enthusiasm, and he'd been quarantined here for at least two weeks and presumably fed a similar diet.

He still much prefers frozen or live, but I just persisted and eventually he released that what I had was actually food. I prefer feeding my new bettas smaller sized pellets 0.5-1mm simply because there's less chewing involved and less opportunity to spit it out.

It's sort of just a waiting game. They aren't going to starve, so if you fast them for a few days and then offer pellets, they will eventually accept.
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