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There are frozen, freeze dried, and live blood worms (at least I know you can get some kind of worm live, but they can be a mess). Freeze dried are best only for a treat, they tend to cause bloating. Frozen, is well frozen, just ask at your pet store and they should be able to tell you if they have any. For frozen food you only need a tiny tiny sliver, like less than half of an uncooked grain of rice. They are usually sold in cubes, or as "sheets". It takes a bit to get used to, but it's supposed to be second only to live food for them.

Not everyone is willing to take the step and go to frozen food, or live, so pellets are just fine. But may I suggest you find two kinds? A bit of variety is helpful, and healthy.
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Ive been feeding new life spectrum Betta pellets and I have only been doing 3 a day. Oh man is that too little? Ive only had Lurker for a about 5 days now.
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Cookie Lee Lady
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I usually give my boys two pellets in the morning and two at night, but about every couple days, I give them a couple of frozen bloodworms and only one pellet in the evening.
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I feed my fish 3 pellet every night and morning.
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Right, today I wanted to get my Betta but unfortunately I didn't have a net at home to catch the fish that are annoyingly STILL in my tank lol. However I went to my LFS today to get the eseentials before hand. The good news is that I was able to get another artificial plants, picked up a bargain by getting 5 filter pads for 2.50 and I managed to get a high quality net for just 1! However they don't have any Betta pellets in my LFS, and so I've had to get Tetra Betta Flakes. :( On the bright side though the flakes are accompanied by Shrimp and Krill, also has 48% protein, and also colour enhancers. So I will be getting the Betta tomorrow!!!! I have had to take one of my artificial plants out though as it was slightly prickly and could damage the Betta's fins... And so when I next get paid I will focus on getting some more artificial plants and also another decoration. (From what I've heard the more the better).

Just wanted to know, how much of the flakes should I be feeding my betta?? The tub qoutes, 'feed small portions several times a day' but I would much rather take advice from you guys!!!!!! Thanks for help, please answer ASAP as I don't want to get my Betta and not have a clue how much to feed it lol
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