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Old 09-01-2011, 12:07 PM   #11 
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Elk Grove, California
Hi Doomlord, welcome to the forum.

First, never believe anything they tell you in the pet stores. Honestly. They are, for the most part, just employees who work with fish, not genuine fish keepers. In a small tank like your 1 gallon, I would recommend changing the water every other day or, if this is more feasible, 1 50% and 1 100% a week.

Just because the water is clean, like in your sister's tank, doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy for the betta. Fish excrete ammonia as part of their waste process. The problem is ammonia is highly toxic to them so it's important for us, their owners, to change the water often to remove the ammonia. We can't see it but it's there. I'm glad your sister's fish is doing well, though. Must be a hardy fellow. :)

I also know heating 1 gallons can be hard but if it is at all possible, you will probably want to find a heater. If you can, upgrading to even a 2 gallon tank so you can heat it would be good. If you can't, and I understand that sometimes it's just not possible, try to keep Doomlord in the warmest part of your room/house. If he is kept warm, his immune system will be stronger and he will stay healthier.

You mentioned Doomlord has a bit of a belly? It sounds like he might be bloated, which is a little concerning to me. Don't feed him for a day, no matter how much he begs. Also, is he pooping? I know it's a gross question but if he isn't, that might explain why he is looking a little fat.

As for food . . . hmm. How does he act when you feed him pellets? Does he spit them out several times like he is trying to eat them but can't? Or does he flat out ignore them?
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Old 09-01-2011, 12:19 PM   #12 
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Now he's just floating on his side strangely and lethargically. I ran to the neighbor's and got some epsom salt, put a tsp. in his tank. Is that okay?
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Old 09-01-2011, 12:43 PM   #13 
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Elk Grove, California
Yes, since he is bloated, the epsom will help. I'll be honest, this isn't looking so good, Doomlord. :( It's never good when they start floating on their side. Try wrapping a towel around his tank to make it dark and warm. I really hope he pulls through for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him.
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If he does make it, or even if he doesn't but you decide you want to try again since you've learned a lot, a great floating pellet that is quality nutrition is called New Life Spectrum, they sell it at petco and petsmart.

It floats for a minute and eventually sinks, but my bettas always get it. Once he's healthy, start making the switch to a pellet. Once he gets hungry enough, he'll eat it :] and then you wont have messy flake water. Bettas can go for...I believe it is about two weeks max without eating. A lot of times sick bettas don't eat until they feel better. I don't think anyone mentioned that yet. So if Doomlord (ps sweet name for him) isn't eating, that's normal for a sick fish.
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I'd lower his water level so he can reach the surface eaiser to breathe. Doubletails are prone to swimbladder because of the their shorter bodies. You have to be a bit more vigilant about over feeding them.

Doomlord is beautiful. I hope he pulls through.
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