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Unhappy Purple

i lost my beautiful purple boy today. sure, he was just a blue/red/white multi, but he was PURPLE. the blue and red overlapped so much, he wasn't visibly a blue/red multi. he was unique and beautiful, with a stunning personality to match his vibrant colors. always active and exploring, and he loved his boat so much. i had plans to breed him, and wanted to breed him with Caroline, but that dream went down the toilet fast.

he was perfect in every way. a truely perfect Veiltail, according to show rules(well... the international show rules, anyways). his tail was the perfect shape and he always had it spread, like he was proud of being 'perfect'. his dorsal fin was also perfect, and never slouched. his anal was amazingly shaped, and had such an interesting pattern on it. his ventrils weren't too long, weren't too short. he was, in my eyes, the perfect veil tail, and i wanted to pass that on, and make more purple babies to share with the world.

then, Caroline got sick. i honestly didn't know what to do during that time. she was my favorite betta, out of all my bettas, and she was the female i wanted to breed the most(to pass on her winning personality, beautiful eyes, and to make Purple's babies absolutely perfect). but, more than anything, he was my friend. she was the one who cheered me up when my Japanese friend was missing after the Tsunami. at that time, she was my rock, and i feel that i let her down. when she died, i threw breeding bettas out the window again. but, i took care of Purple, because i still wanted to breed him.

then, Purple clamped up. i changed his water,but he didn't unclamp, and i got worried. when he started hanging out up top, just like Caroline did, my heart sank. he went downhill so much faster than Caroline had, turning pale and getting worse in days, as apposed to her month of slowly going downhill.

i checked on him last night, and he was an ugly lavender-grey, very clamped, with fuzz at the end of his tail. he was so skinny, and looked like he was giving up. i told him, "It's okay if you go, Purple. I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I tried, I really did... I love you, Purple..." he gave a half-hearted wiggle, and i went to bed.

when i checked on him when i woke up, he was beside his boat, dead. only his fins retain their beautiful purple color.

i STILL don't know what got him and Caroline. i treated her with parasite meds, and regular meds(can't remember the name right now. stars with a T, in powder form...). i use dechlorinator after every water change now. but still...

i miss you, Purple. i'm sorry i couldn't help you. :< i'm gonna throw away his plant and boat. i can't stand the thought of another betta having that boat, and i don't really like that plant(it falls apart alot).
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I'm so sorry about Purple. I know he'll be missed very much.
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