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Arashi Takamine
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Update on the boys and myself.

I haven't been on here in forever!

Things have been going well. Akira's tail healed up quickly and Kai is still his curious little self. He's been building me new bubble nests every three days in a new spot he's found to favor more then the original.

I also discovered why he moves the gravel: He is a little p.i.g. in every meaning of the word...I moved some gravel aside because I dropped too much food in and moved it to clean the food off of it...

Only to realize my little red baby has been saving up food. Ugh I think this is why I need to go back to three feeding's a day one fasting day. I meant to only make it until vacation was over but then they both got well..Kinda bloated. So I've been sticking to one to two meals a day for them. Water params are perfection albiet the heaters have been evaporating the water faster then we can change it so...We haven't done a good waterchange in a little while.

That will change I assure you.

Other then that their perfectly fine. Kai has started to flare at me more trying to guard his nests and I recently was watching my boys sleep. Akira is not really picky on where he stops to snooze.

Kai however likes his places to be near the top of the tank. I think he was dreaming a little. He moved some sort of slowly and then just jerked away when he realized he was infront of the dragon like he was spooked. It was funny as then he 'yawned' (seriously this never ceases to utter an 'aww' out of me. It's adorable be it my own betta's or betta's owned by others...It's just cute.) And 'wagged' his tail a little before settling down at another end of the tank. He really does act like a puppy.

Akira....He's still my little macho, man who likes to act all tough and acts like the king of the tank. Still waiting on getting him a new one but he's doing fine in the 1.5 including his rays getting better. The pinhole in his tail has healed up beautifully as well.

I also think that when I was on my trip they realized I wasn't there. I wasn't even home two hours and Kai was building a big bubble nest when apparently he destroyed his the first day I was gone and Akira was following every movement I made feverishly even after I fed him he ignored his food for a moment to look at me before eating.

Either my dad wasn't feeding them enough (he was alternating on flakes and pellets) Or my boys missed me...Yugi just glommed onto me when I got home so...Who knows.

I'll make a seperate thread later for the pictures I took at the Aquarium at the MOA. I'm pretty proud of 'em. (Plus I got to see a baby shark!)

So...Yeah...It's been awhile and I'm glad to be back.
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Welcome back!
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Hey, yeah! Haven't been on here in a long time, myself... finally getting back on my... well, feet might be the wrong word since I'm at a computer sitting, lol.

In any case, glad things are well, and welcome back!
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