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Dilemma with stocking my 29g

Okay, so I am doing a shrimp cycle on my 29g right now. Its a couple weeks from finishing I hope. Well I was planning on just a sorority of 10-12 girls and 6 or so corys,

but when visited my friend with his guppy tank, his last batch didn't cannibalize itself nearly as well as its always had in the past. He is desperately trying to find homes for his guppies since he figures he had 2 drop at the same time, he doesn't separate or use a breeder box since he's got the "just let nature" take care of itself attitude. He's got tons of java moss and I think that is aiding to the survivor rate.

Okay back to the point. Would it be too much to add a few guppies in there with the girls? I mean I know they'll breed like rabbits and I know the males may pester the female bettas a bit, but is it doable? I was also thinking of settling the guppies with the corys before I try adding the girls so there are other fish to distract them during the initial pecking order period.

So anyone have experience with guppies and bettas? I guess that would help to. I know male bettas are very touchy about guppies so i'm not going to add anything to his tank.
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