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Tankmates for Female Betta! NEED HELP!

I have Ruby a really social female betta, i need a list of possible tankmates because in researching I just feel confused and I'd like a good list from experience of tank mates. Also I have a less social female flora who I'm putting in a 10 gal and would like some possible tankmates that wont stress her out too much. Any and all suggestions are welcome .
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Cories are generally fairly compatable with bettas. However they like to be in schools and I'm not sure if you could get away with 5 cories and 1 female betta in a 10 gal.

Guppies and platties are a possibility I believe, however you can never tell if the betta will react well with others or will try to have lunch.
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Old 09-10-2011, 02:32 PM   #3 
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I got 3 apple snails to go with my female betta in a 10 gallon tank, and she just liked to watch them but didn't hurt them. Unfortunately, she died last week, but the male I got a couple of days ago and put in the same tank still seems to be ignoring them. Snails poop a lot though, and the water is getting really dirty, so I wish I'd only gotten two snails instead of three.
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I've had neon tetras in with a betta before. They're pretty shy, so they don't usually harass the betta. And even though they need to school, they're small and pretty clean so it's easier to have more of them.
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Snails and Platies and Tetras have worked out great with my beeta!
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