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10 Gallon Stocking?

Hey there!

My betta and 2 platies are doing wonderfully together - a huge change from when I first introduced them! They're swimming and eating next to each other and Kurt (the betta) doesn't flare or chase the platies (Puck and Finn) anymore.

I was wondering how many platies I could comfortably house with Kurt. I'm hoping to add at least one more male. Since platies reproduce so easily, I'm sticking to an all-male tank. I know general rule for fish is 1 gallon per inch, so I'm guessing I could probably house at least 2 more platies.

Also, what other fish would be compatable? Any alege eating fish? How about those dwarf frogs or craps? Any of those a good idea?

My other concern would be how to introduce any new fish to the tank. I know the best thing to do is introduce the betta into the platies established territory - that's what I did at first. Now that the betta and platies are all together in a tank, however, how would I go about doing this? Should I remove the betta, introduce the platies together, and then put the betta back in the tank?

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I'm hoping to get some new fish soon but I want to see if I can add 2-3 more platies and 2? african dwarf frogs. I'd also like to know what else I could add instead/along with these species.

I also need to know how to introduce any new fish/frogs
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For a cycled 10 gallon, the limit is a betta and 3 platies, not anything else. No Dwarf Frogs. Sorry.
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You could probably have 4 platies and a betta.
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You can mix it up by having different varieties of platies. I have sunburst and red wag, it's a beautiful array of colors (these are with a female betta).

I have a 10 gallon tank stocked with the following:

1 female CT betta
2 red wag female platies
1 male sunburst platy
3 peppered corydora catfish.

If you cycle your tank and have a lot of live plants, you can absolutely have more than 4 fish in your tank.

The cories are a great choice because they stay mostly at the bottom while your betta will stay mostly at the surface, and they are incredibly peaceful - they truly do not care about any of the other fish in the tank, and other fish don't care about them.
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