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OFL is right !!

i did get them backwards on my post .. sorrie about that .. i was posting right after waking up from a nap .. @_@ i shouldn't post while still groggy .. sorrie sorrie !!

and it doesn't let me edit that post so i can fix it D= D=
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I started cycling my new 5 gallon tank with 3 feeder guppies. I had my first reading of .25 ppm ammonia yesterday so I did a small water change to get it down to 0 ppm. I liquid test my water 2 times a day to make sure everything is accurate. I noticed that my male guppy has mouth fungus (bacterial disease). I realize this is a betta forum, but I am wondering if I did something wrong which caused this disease, if I should cure it in my current cycling tank or in a QT, or if I should start all over again after giving the tank a scrub down and rinse (no soap of course).
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You don't want to remove all the ammonia from your tank, no ammonia means nothing to change in nitrItes right? Instead bring it down to a safer level, which 0.25 ppl should be fine. Anything over 1ppm is hard on fish. No idea on the guppie though, personally I'd take it out and treat it and leave the other two to cycle the tank.
Also if you can find someone with a cycled tank, you could snag a bit of filter media or rocks to put in your tank to jump start the cycle. Keep them wet with tank water of course and get into your tank ASAP. This is how I start a new tank at homes, I have panty hose with rocks sitting at the bottom of my big tank and extra sponge in my filter. I just plunk some sponge in my new tanks filter, put the gravel in and in a few days, cycled.
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