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Silver Spar
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Worst community tank EVER!!!!

Gonna start this with a bit of a ramble.

One of my workmateshad been having trouble with her house-mate. The guy was causing more and more trouble for her and her GF, and she was certain that it was going to come to the point of asking him to leave and take his stuff with him. That was to include his fish tank, and all it's cotents, except her betta. She asked me a couple of weeks ago if I'd take him if it came to it, so I agreed, figuring what's one more? (I had 7 males and 5 females at the time)

Then on sunday night, I got a call from her that she'd chucked him out, and he'd sold the fish tank (A rather nice large bowfront job), and that any fish that were in it were going down the toilet. She asked me if I'd take the lot of them, and I figured that if they'd been living as a community, then they'd probably be OK as an addition to my own community tank, providing it could handle the bio-load, and if not, I had a spare 25g in the shed that could house them until I got them re-homed.

That was when she told me that the other fish had been worrying the betta and it was quite ragged.

She gave me descriptions of the others (She actually had no idea what species they were), and straight away I was worried about them. It sounded to me like they'd been picked SOLELY for appearance, without any regard to tank compatibility. This was further confirmed when she told me that one of the newer additions had eaten all her minnows and tetras.

Never the less, I couldn't see healthy animals disposed of in such an inhumane manner, so I stuck to my guns, and went round yesterday with my fiancee to collect the fish.

After quite a battle with a few of them (my net wasn't big enough ?!?!), I got the all bagged, and brought them home. I then floated the bags and settled at the computer to try to identify them, to make sure they'd be happy in my community tank and not cause trouble.

That was when I realised what I'd gotten myself into.

Of the seven fish, and five different species represented, NOT ONE of them was actually suited to be housed with the others

There was a large blue betta (I think he's a crown tail, but he's too badly injured to tell for sure)

A Chinese Algae Eater

A Gold Gourami

A Gold spot pleco - The only community suitable fish as far as I could tell

And, last but not least, THREE Red Tailed Sharks, one of which is an albino variation

Near as I can figure, the gourami will fight with the betta, and everyone else will attack each other. The only one that isn't likely to cause any trouble is the pleco.

So they've all been split up. The Gourami and the CAE are currently sharing a compartment of my divided betta tank.

The Betta from that section is sharing a divided tank with the new one, and I'm medicating both.

The Pleco has joined my community tank (although he'll become too big in time, he shouldn't cause any trouble at the mo) (That's the tank that also houses my betta girls - Any potential problems there?)

The three sharks are currently in the spare 25g in the kitchen, and being watched carefully for agression towards one another.

Finally, I've been added to the list of people who wants to kick the room-mate's backside.
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Pitluvs's Avatar
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Plecos are great fish, calm towards others but territorial towards their own species. If you don't have another pleco or too many bottom dwellers it will work fine. Sorry to hear about the others. Is it the CAR that likes slimcoat or the SAE? Either way, thank you. I know this a major task for you but seriously tanks so much haha Those fish got a lucky break!!

I love Gouramis, wish I had a big enough for a big one. I just have my mousie dwarf, Ryu.
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