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also .. heating is probably one of the biggest issues when debating about tank size .. i mean ... how does one heat anything less then 1g properly and keep consistent temperatures thats not too hot or too cold?

unless you live somewhere that it's warm in winter time and it's still 80 degs in ur house at night during winter .. you have to have a heater or.. or you have to have an external way to heat those small tanks .. it'll be difficult i think for smaller tank owners as winter sets in and temps drop .. a lot more difficult then having a larger tank where you can just put a heater in the tank and not worrie how cold or hot it is in the house ..

it still comes down to what the individual owner does to care for the issues that arise on the tank set up that they have
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I keep mine in at least 5.5g nowadays simply because I prefer to heat and cycle the tank. However I had great success in the pat with two 2.5 gallon tanks on my desk at work. I went in on weekends to clean their tanks or cleaned during slow times at work.

My house gets too cold in winter to keep unheated tanks as we don't run the heater so warm. I was tired of 100% water changes, and my bettas went into shock and died.

So now, I fishless cycle the tank, then heat it and change only about 20% of the water weekly or a little less often. I treat with water conditioners, age, and heat the replacement water to match the tank's.

I also like 5g because I can use a 25W heater with a thermostat instead of the little heaters that just raise the temperature a few degrees. In out cold house, that wouldn't work.

5g or more are just easier on me and my fish to handle because I cycle the tanks, don't have to remove the fish, clean out the tank, try to get the water back just 'so' and then return the betta to his tank.

Bottom line, I believe that at least 5g is best and healthiest, but if a keeper can keep them healthy in 2.5g (they have at least a little room to swim around in this size) that's fine with me. I did, so I know it can work even if I don't enjoy that method anymore.

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Mine are kept in a barracks system. The sump is heated and cycled, and water from there gets pumped into the containers while older water goes out and back into the sump. The jars are small (2 liters) they are used for jarring my young males.
Every day I will pour clean water into the sump(because evaporation of the water will explode my heater and also becase its like a water change) which pumps it in to the tanks and every few days I will give them a decent water change, usualy 50-80%.
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