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Early Sign of Swim Bladder?

EDIT: or could this be itch/ a parasite? :/
I don't SEE anything on him but idk.... I had been using AQ salt and I removed it yesterday, maybe it was holding something off and now he's got it? :/

my Betta keeps pushing himself into the gravel, and drifting up towards the top again, and forcing ( wriggling, thrashing, basically swimming really hard and fast ) back down into the gravel, and repeating?..... he stops if I walk over for a bit, and sometimes he'll go down to a corner and try to bury himself in it, or buries himself head first into the plants..... I only feed him four pellets a day, two in the morning and four at night... how often are blood worms okay and how many? would one daily in addition to the pellets be too much? I wasn't planning on giving him one daily but it has turned that way for most of the first few days I've had him, maybe they'd already fed him too much at the pet store? or do yours usually act funny when you don't feed them on digestion day? I meant to do his digestion day yesterday but I forgot, so I did it today. but he's doing this now D:
right now he's swum to the bottom and twister himself funny over the ittle blue plant ( it's soft don't worry ) and he's just floating there twisted funny staring at the glass.... ( I have a photo of the position if you need it )
maybe he has a stomach ache? if I open the feeding door to check the water temp. he comes to it wanting food eagerly, but idk D: he moved when I took th epic and now he's just sitting behind it :/ does anyone know why he's doing this? the tank's not cycled yet but i did a 50 change just yesterday.... it's a 5 gallon... it is heated with a preset 50 watt that's supposed to keep it at 78.... maybe it's just the weather today? should I be worried? :/

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I'm surprised no one on this forum has answered this question for you.

My betta has been burying his head in the rocks at the bottom or constantly hiding in the fake plant. A week ago, he was more playful and active. I'm new to having a fish and I've only had him for 2.5 weeks. He does have an appetite though.
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So you're boy is having trouble staying down at the bottom like he wants, correct?

Fast him for a day and put him on 1 tsp/gal epsom salt. Keep the temperature at 78 degrees if you can. The epsom salt will act as a laxative and relieve pressure on his swim bladder if there is excess fluid build up. While he's on the epsom salt, change his water 100% daily and redose the salt. do this for about 10 days or for 2 days after his symptoms disappear.

As far as feeding, 2 pellets in the morning and 2 at night is good. I'd only do a blood worm as a treat once a week after his problem goes away. If he's having swim bladder issues, the low fiber of the blood worms will only make pooping harder.

Aquarium salt will only worsen sbd issues. For ich, it will look like grains of salt sprinkled all over his body. Ich is very easily spotted on darker colored fish (pretty much any color but white). Shine a flash light over him at night to see if there is any gold dots on him. It will look very similar to ich, but shine gold, if he has velvet.

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