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Ammonia burns

See, I can help and diagnose problems with anyone else's fish, but when it comes to mine, I freak out and come running lol.. Basically want a second opinion on suspicions I have with my new girl.

Got her last night, she's housed in a 1gal currently awaiting on me getting everything set up for her home. 78*, she was put in last night, I changed her water today at a 100% since I was adding in some temp deco and figured would be easier to remove her and change to keep on same schedule as the boys. She's very healthy, active and happy in every way. She eats very well, shows her breeding stripes easily (too easily if you ask me! She needs to stop flirting with the boys!), otherwise a very happy fish who actually wants to touch me on her own lol.

The cup I got her in was pretty clean, I believe Walmart had just gotten in their shipment that day since they had a lot of bettas all in clean cups. No holes poked for them though >.< (I fixed that problem lol)

Anyways, rambling again.. sorry.. I've been looking at her and her gills all day and just had to ask. Very vivid red while the rest of her is a lilac cellophane coloring with pink in the tail. So her gills really stand out. Wondering if it looks as if she had gotten ammonia poisoning prior to me getting her. Is it just me being overly protective with her right now, or could they be burned? They look almost raw to me up close. =( She is showing no other symptoms of it, no gasping and seems to be using her gills normally. Opinions would be greatly appreciated. I hope they aren't, because I just noticed Xander had somehow gashed his head right above his right gill and a part of his skin and such is hanging out. Not a whole lot, but noticeable. I think he got a little over excited about his new neighbor. So need to deal with him, and hoping not to have to worry about her too. Geez, finned kids!
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Yeah, they look pretty red. The only way to treat it is great water quality and it will go away.

It could also just be color. Does it look like it?

Ither way, ammonia or not, keep good water quality!
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Oh I plan on it, thanks =) Have my routine with my boys, and she's going to be fit in with them lol. I'm overly careful with my little ones... which is why I freak out when I believe something is wrong with them, yet calm and cool helping others. They are like my mini kids.. outside of my real kids, and my boyfriend.. and the dog.. lol
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The gills should be red....this is a sign of good oxygen/gas exchange...when the gills look-pale, brown, violet, black etc.....this is a sign of problems-especially when they have other symptoms like-gasping, rapid gill movement, lethargic...etc....

Lovely girl you found...she looks nice and healthy......nice find....
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