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Wow, thanks for all the advice and feedback everyone! Wyvern, it sounds like I don't need to trim much right now then. My wisteria is still really short and I'm trying to encourage the tops of my moneywort to grow emersed (I've heard they flower!). I just need to trim some dead roots that are sticking up. I like the letter opener idea, Thunderloon. Think I have one of those somewhere . . .

Betta311, thanks for the offer but I think I'll wait and see how trimming with the plastic letter opener goes first.

OFL, I think my fingers are too fat for planting, haha. When I try to plant using my finger, I end up dislodging the plant next to the one I'm trying to plant. For that reason, the tweezers work well for me. But it took a bit of practice at first and I almost poked myself in the stomach once. I really shouldn't be allowed around sharp objects. >.<

I'll post a pic of the tank in question soon. I'm in the midst of planting all my "permanent" tanks so I'm just waiting for the rest of the plants to arrive. Very excited. Thanks again everyone!
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Can't wait for pics......

Water wisteria-if you have to clip any leaves.....let them float and they will sprout roots in a week or so....I chop mine down on occasion when they get too leggy and re-plant and some I will pinch the tops to re-plant and if a leaf breaks off...I let it float until it sprouts roots and I will place a rock on it and let it send roots into the soil...easy plant to propagate in lots of different ways.....and its a pretty plant to boot...I have never had one flower...the only one I have had flower for me are the crypts, mexican oak leaf and another one that I can't recall the name for some the frogbit will drop- I think it is pollen spores...not really sure what it is....but the surface of the water will be covered with what looks like micro flowers or spores......not really sure what it is....laffs.....
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Elk Grove, California
OFL, you must have enough plants to open your own store by now, haha.

Here's the 10g. It's sort of a work in progress and someday it will be torn down and transferred to a 29g but for now, it's going to have to limp along with its play sand substrate and regular ferts. I'll soon be adding pygmy chain sword to the foreground.
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The Jungle Val is not doing well though, partly because it keeps floating up out of the substrate. It's actually temporary; I stuck it in there when I realized it was too tall for my 5g. It will be replaced with stargrass soon (when the shipment arrives).
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Question: can you attach anubias to fake decorations like those caves, or is it best to attach them to driftwood or real rocks?
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