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My Bettas in Fishy Heaven

Sorry for the somewhat lengthy post, I wanted to put all of the fish I've loved who've passed away. That's been six since I've started Betta keeping.

Charlie- My very first betta ever that I got in 3rd grade. He was a dark blue VT. My parents said that if we moved to Vermont we could get fish. So they got a tank and let me and my sisters each choose two fish, but mine kept dying. One day, I got home from school to find a bowl with my very own betta (from my mommy)! He lived for 2 years and got quite large. I was so excited that I trained him to follow my finger and jump... until he jumped out of his bowl xD After that, I had to keep a cover on his bowl while I was gone. He was such a special fish. He got me hooked on bettas.
Flame- A red VT that I got after Charlie. I don't really remember him as well, which is too bad, because he was a pretty fish.
Indigo- I don't remember him either, it was so long ago :/ But he was a blue VT. I guess I like to alternate colors.
Juliet- My first female. She was a beautiful dark red color. I loved her personality, she was very spunky. One day she jumped out of her bowl and I couldn't find her and I thought my dog ate her. My dad found her and she had died. It was an awful night.
St. Jimmy- He was my first and so far only CT. He was a beautiful fish. He was black with green and red on his fins. I named him after the character in Green Day's American Idiot rock opera. My mom got him for me as a present for passing my license test the first time.
Reese- A really cool blue VT that just recently passed away due to the stress of moving from my bedroom to my dorm, and/or being unable to adjust to the different water (at home it was filtered). I think he was very young when Petco got him, because he was labeled as a female. I have videos of him when I first got him (for Valentine's Day from my rents) and he was very small with short fins. I had named him Risa, but when he grew up and got huge and masculine, I realized that he was a Reese. Which is cool because I love Reese's Pieces.

So those are my fishies. Or were my fishies. They're all buried in my backyard at home. It's comforting to me, respectful to them, and good for the garden.
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I'm so sorry for your losses.
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