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I'd vote for Techno out of those, it's different and less common. He's a handsome guy!
As for the Melafix - some of the "fix's" have a tree oil in them that can potentially be harmful to the labyrinth organ. If it's a few years old, I would honestly say toss it and instead keep Aquarium Salt (can buy in any LFS or Walmart for a couple of dollars for a ton of it) and Epsom Salt (sold in any store with a pharmacy - it's made for humans, but works wonders for bettas with internal problems, also less then $2 for a good amount). Those two are very good conservative treatment medications that are handy to have around in case of any troubles such as fin rot, pop eye, ich, SBD, etc.
Melafix is usually the safer of them, but if you've had it a couple years I would consider replacing it with either a new one, or the two I listed just because it's older.

But with regular water changes and water conditioner, you shouldn't run into much trouble, if any =) Wish you luck!

@MMA- I have to agree.. my fave guy is a VT, so is my fave little girl. When I first saw a CT I thought that is what I wanted the most.. but in the end, it came to personality, and that there is just something about the "classic" look of a "common" betta, the VT.

Edit: Looks like you have AQ salt? If so, I see it open, are you using it when you do a water change, or when you got him? If so, I wouldn't use it on a normal basis.. in time the bacteria you will want to get rid of can become immune, as well as the fish, to the beneficial properties of it.. and some believe it can cause internal problems as well. Just wanted to say that just in case =)

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Nope, don't worry. I got it for the same reason I got the Melafix; I'm not using it now :)
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