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Eating problem?

My alpha, Sakura, of a sorority of 5 is a pretty, gorgeous, red veiltail whom I treasure. =3 she's awesome. Recently, her sister Natsuko died :( I hope she doesnt notice she's gone. Anyways, for 2 days now she refuses to eat!!! She is soooo hyper, healthy looking, plays, and explores. She just wont eat! She isnt legarthic at all. She is usually a PIG eattin everything I drop in the tank without sharing sometimes, lolz. I have tried to feed her daphnia, freeze dried bloodworm, NLS pellets, annd beefheart. She eats and then spits it out. 0.0 all my other girls pig out and eat anything. I recently took the betta bulbs out because they were all playing and tearing at the roots, I hope she hasnt acquired a taste for those since they are not in her natural betta diet @_@ vegan betta would be weiiirrrd! LOLz She surfaces and sticks her mouth outa the water like she's hungry when I feed everyone. She even wags her fins!!!
Idk if she is being picky or if she is bloated. I put a tsp of epsom salt in the tank incase she's constipated. She does look a lil tubbier than usual. Do constipated even bettas eat? I hope she isnt upset about Natsuko being gone/missing to where she wont eat anything. Its sad cuz that was her actual sister- as in blood but not from the same spawn. Does anyone know what is up with Sakura and how can I get her to eat without removing her?

Here is a pic of her if this helps :/ I just took this:
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0.0 dos anyone have any idea how to make her eat? Its day 3 and she wont eat adarn thing -_- still hyper, but not eating.
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Have you heard of using garlic juice? You can get a jar of garlics and use the juice from that, or get a fresh garlic, smash it up and soak it in treated water and use that.. soak the pellets you are about to feed in the juice from either one of those for a minute or so prior to feeding them. It usually works as it stimulates hunger. All the girls will probably go crazy for it.
Keep an eye on her belly to see if she is/gets bloated, as it may point to why she isn't eating. Good luck!
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