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Strange Spinal Curvature

I didn't think anything of it until the day after I bought him, but now the more I look the more there seems to be a problem.

I have a veiltail from a LPS back home. He's quite the chicken; haven't seen him flare once, not even when I put his cup beside my other two fish. The other two reacted with breeding stripes and flaring, but this new veiltail couldn't have cared less. Beyond that he swims fine, eats fine and likes to hide in a little saucer I've put in his temporary tank. Only thing is, he looks... misshapen.

His head always looks like it's turned to the right. Looking down from the top, his body doesn't make a straight line; there's a slight bend right behind his neck that aims his head to the right. I've been inspecting this bend and I THINK I see a little bump on the left side right behind his head, but I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid. I can't get any pictures because I don't have a camera, but I was just wondering if this is something that's fairly common/not too problematic? Just a birth defect that won't affect his quality of life? I know I'm not giving you much to work on; I'm just hoping someone has seen something similar and can shed a little light.
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I'd say if he's acting healthy and happy not to worry about it. Birth defects and such happen...If you are truly concerned a photo might be helpful. I don't see a reason to worry or euthanize if he's his adult size and acting fine.
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I agree, if he is acting fine and can swim around, eat healthy, then I wouldn't worry too much.. there are a couple things that can cause a curvature like that.. but you would definitely be seeing other symptoms. Sadly, pet shop bettas are mass produced and genes aren't on the list of importance for them so you will find one every now and again with a deformity.
As for flaring.. it may take him a while before he feels secure in his surroundings to flare. He knows he isn't 100% and he probably doesn't think showing that type of aggression is such a good thing at that time so he went the passive way.
It took one of mine a month before he flared. He wouldn't flare at his neighbor, or a mirror... I got him to flare once, and then he got a female neighbor and that really got him going. So, not all will flare easily, and sometimes it just takes a bit of time.
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