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Old 10-12-2011, 03:53 AM   #1 
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NPT Maturing?

A few questions for NPT.

I know that it might take awhile for a tank to fully mature. Recently i brought a test kit from my LPS and measured. But I wana know, is the tank cycling? I tested my water, and levels are..
Ammonia, 0
Nitrite, 0.5
Nitrate, 10
pH level 7.6

& Why are my plants dying? Cant have a NPT without plants..

Here are the stuffs in my 5g.
Thermometer (27-29 degree celsius)
9w lighting (9-11 hours)
White sand (For aquarium use)
Flourish Tabs (CONTAINS COPPER! 0.001%! No wonder my CRS died.. Only left 1 strong little shrimp fighter living alone.. Poor thing...)
Mini filter

Amazon Sword Plant (Dying: Losing color(Transparent), brown spots forming)
Hairgrass (Dying: some turning brownish)
Java fern
Green Cabomba (new)
Hydrocotyle sp. (new)
Dwarf Sagittaria (new)
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It could be a few things. I suspect you need to give your plants more ferts. Remember root tabs are only going to help the plants with root systems and also only if you put the tab near their roots. So i would suggest that you get some Flourish Comprehensive and dose according to the bottle. As for the numbers for the cycling Im unfortunately terrible at it so I wil leave that for a more experianced memeber.

Oh the other thing is what kind of light are you using. 9W should be enough but are you just using a normal bulb or something that is geared towards plants.
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Old 10-13-2011, 08:46 AM   #3 
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icic. Guess i still needa get some liquid fertilizer? hhaha.
whats the different between normal bulb and the other bulb? mine is those long tube like bulb.
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