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Epsom Salt

Searching for epsom salt info is near impossible seems like every other thread in the hospital section mentions it and they all show up when you search.

Anyways I was just wondering If I have live plants and invertabrates can I had epsom salt directly to my 10g or do I have to remove my betta for bloating treatment?

Also are there any dangerous side effects from major bloating? My guy seems more lethargic since I woke up this morning but he is really bloated. I think because the glofish weren't eating their flakes yesterday so he had seconds at dinnertime.
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Epsom salt is good for plants as it is a fertilizer. I am unsure with invertebrates, but have used it in my 10 gal sorority with ghost shrimp, all of which made it through just fine, so I think it should be ok to use with any shrimps. I don't know about snails though.

For major bloating, there could be internal issues if left untreated or exacerbated by continuing to feed. I think it would be best to just qt your betta for epsom salt treatments so you know that he is not eating anything he shouldn't be, namely the glofish flakes.
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You will need to do daily water changes while treating bloating/SBD, so it would be easier to put him in a QT tank.

Major bloating could cause swim bladder disease.. so yes, it should be taken care of.
Fast him for 1-2 days, use 1 tsp per gallon of Epsom, daily 100% water changes for about 2-3 days past the last time you seen him bloated.
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