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Old 10-17-2011, 07:16 PM   #1 
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Tank Filtration.... HELP!

Hey, um, I want to get this 1 gallon tank for my betta Tai, because since I'm in school for a while a day, I want to get a tank that is convienient like takes not so much time changing water, but the tank I want to get I guess doesn't have a filter or just an undergravel filter. What is a cheap way to make a sponge filter? The tank comes with an air pump. Here is the tank I want to get Please hurry! My only chance to Wal-Mart is coming soon.
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I'd look at something like this...

Power Filter for Small & Desktop Aquariums: Azoo Palm Filter

A 1 gallon tank IMO is a very small space, even for a Betta and taking up real estate with a sponge filter will only cramp the poor guy even more.
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Old 10-17-2011, 09:14 PM   #3 
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If you're looking for a tank that you don't have to spend much time changing the water, do NOT get a 1 gallon. In ANY 1 gallon tank, with or without filter, you need to change the water 100% every other day. A filter's main purpose is not to keep the water clean, it doesn't do that very well. It's main job is to aerate the water and provide a place for good bacteria to live. When good bacteria grow and start break down waste, that is called cycling. You cannot achieve a stable cycle in much less than 5 gallons. This is the only way to do a water change only once a week (and less than 100%)

Getting a filter in a 1 gallon is a waste of money. Personally, I too think 1 gallon is pushing it for too small anyway. I do have 1 betta that likes it best, but he gets water changes every other day. Plus it's hard to properly heat a 1 gallon safely.

If I were you, I'd get a 5 gallon and cycle it. It can be heated right, and gives you a lot of options for decor, plants or snails and shrimp if you want. Or I'd go with a 3 gallon. Keep in mind that a 3 gallon still needs 1 50% change and 1 100% change a week.

Good luck with your betta :)
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Old 10-17-2011, 09:30 PM   #4 
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Ah, I was looking forward to getting a tank, a new tank that is. He is sort of sick, since he has a big belly, so I want to make him comfortable when he goes. My friend has a goldfish who has lived in that tank for two years and she BARELY ever cleans that thing. I'm suprised it's still living. But that's not for me to decide, what if I changed a cup of water a day?
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Old 10-17-2011, 09:52 PM   #5 
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If he has a big belly, he is most likely bloated. How much are you feeding him?

People have bad misconceptions about goldfish, they need 20 gallons. Not that it's in your care, just saying.

And you mean change a cup of water a day in a 1 gallon? That won't work either. You need to be able to get all the poop and uneaten food out of the bottom. Just taking water out and replacing it won't do that. It needs to be 100% changes where the gravel is rinsed out.
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Old 10-18-2011, 02:02 AM   #6 
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Definitely go for a larger tank. :) My 5 gallon takes me, what, 5 minutes a week? And that's a 25% change. :) Gravel vaccuum in, water out, new water in bucket, dechlorinated, water in tank. Bam.
100% changes all the time are a killer - much more stressful for you and the betta! I definitely wouldn't go less than 3 gallons.
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With my filtered 1 gallon tanks I did 50% twice a week and 100% once a week. So 50% water change monday, thursday, and 100% water change and gravel rinse on Sunday. I upgraded to 5 gallons because all those water changes were stressing out my fishies 3 times a week. Without a filter, the water changes would be 100% every other day. If you want a filter for a 1 gallon tank, I would suggest tetra 3i. It worked well for my 1 gallons and they last a long time. The only reason I replaced my filters is because the new ones they sell now have O rings. The small size doesn't take up much room so the fish don't fell cramped. I stuck my filter in one of the narrow sides of my old corner aquarium.

Also, a bit of advise. If you do go with a 1 gallon setup, you may want a bucket of water so you can make the water you need for all your water changes for the week and a little extra for any sudden ammonia peaks. That way you just dump out the amount of water you need to replace and then scope out the clean water from the bucket. The bucket only has to hold 2-3 gallons, so it wouldn't be big.

1 gallon set ups work, but they are more work than people realize. :)
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