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Originally Posted by Bombalurina View Post
Now that's the attitude we love to see in new fish keepers! ;)
Haha, well, good to have it confirmed

All right, I did some more price checking and such today -- I also looked at the bettas at both PetSmart and Petco. I'm not sure if the red crowntail that I had in mind was purchased, or if his colors just faded, though the two that were there seemed smaller...I also found a tiny little guy. He seemed really friendly; a lot like a dog, actually. Then at the back there was what looked to be a platinum white and turquoise crowntail, as well as a few other interestingly colored bettas. Also learned that Petco has a handful of female crowntails, as well as plakats and kings, none of which did I find at PetSmart.

Admittedly that was just sharing my finds. I figured no one here would mind, haha.

I double-checked the hood on the tank kit I'm intending to buy and it would need to take compact flourescents; I found a couple at PetSmart that were 10watt 50/50s (50% 10,000K/50% true actinic blue) -- would those work?

I read someplace that plants tend to do better with full spectrum combined with the actinic blue (I can try and find the source again if someone would like), but I was a bit uncertain with the 10,000K value there. The other option was 5100K. I didn't check department or hardware stores or anything for compact flourescents.

I had a couple of other finds, but those were just with decorations and learning that I have two or three more plants available to me than I realized. Finding a good piece of driftwood is surprisingly difficult though (I forgot to check Petco), but I did find a relatively inexpensive fake tree root that I think might fit the tank. I sort of like the idea of the amber from the tannins of the wood though, but I don't want to buy some just for that: I want it to be functional, too.

I'll keep looking though. I've decided to buy this possibly some time this coming week (my Jeep needs a little work first), and I might check out an LFS in the meantime and see what they have.
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