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Originally Posted by TL1000RSquid View Post
^^ what he said, also make sure they're getting food, they can't live off just the algae they clean up and they wont eat regular fish food, and most wont touch algae wafers either so its good to put some fresh veggies in the tank for them to munch on sometimes. In my experience they will all eat blanched zuchini and cucumbers slices, along with deskinned pea's, just don't leave the leftovers in the tank for more then a day.

Sorry if you already know all the above but alot of people just buy them put them in the tank and wonder why they're dead a few weeks later.
I dont mean to be disagreeable, but I also no longer feed my Otos special food and they dont seem to mind after several months. They would never take any food I gave them. I have 7 in a 46g. Again, I'm no expert, as you could see from my posts, but this has been my experience.
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Once acclimatised, they can be very hardy fish - if they've been bred in captivity, they are usually no harder to keep than a cory. The trouble is, breeding them is extremely difficult. Most otos are wild-caught using cyanide, then refuse to eat in captivity. Most die in the first month, giving them that reputation for sickliness. However, if you get them past that period, they will generally thrive really well. :)
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ah ha! So, that must be why. I got these at petsmart, maybe they were captive bread.
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I got mine at petsmart as well
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