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Originally Posted by HatsuneMiku View Post
yea .. the pet smarts around me used to do that .. till one day .. i was looking at them all stacked up 3 high .. and i started taking them down and i stacked them in pyramids shapes 2 on the bottom and 1 on top .. so they get to be seen .. and have air .. since the bottom of the cup won't cover both holes when it's only sitting on half the cup .. now whenever i go back they are stacked that way .. hehe =D
I so want to try that at my Petco. But I know if I would end up coming home with more Bettas before I'm ready to set up a third tank. XD
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Arashi Takamine
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Last time I went to Petsmart betta's were far in between and in dirty cups. One male I walked by was dead when I walked back to the area holding the cup containing Lelouch. I kid you not this gorgeous dragon double tail was alive when I walked in the store and dead when I got to the register. Lelouch was the only betta really trying to get noticed in a way. Bubble nests, flaring. He only layed down after an employee shook his cup. Picked up up roughly and shook him some.

I was PISSED. I only said: "He's lucky." To the lady at the register and decided on his name after that.

The nameless VT I selected became Lelouch of the Petsmart Rebellion.
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Old 11-09-2011, 07:48 PM   #123 
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I got a girl from petsmart that's cup had a huge crack that was leaking and food on the bottom she lasted a week. Some time I'm going to blow up in that store! Don't even get me started on Walmart...
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Old 11-09-2011, 10:50 PM   #124 
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When I adopted Freyja, I tested the water in her cup and the ammonia levels were somewhere between 4.0 and 8.0! It's ridiculous how badly they treat those poor animals. Unfortunately, fish are excluded from Indiana's animal protection laws.
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Since I live in Australia, there's no Petco or Petsmart but I just went over to my LPS to get a new heater and the man over had got his facts so wrong. He was adamant that Bettas live in tiny puddles and they prefer to live that way. I told him that mine live in a 5 gallon tank and he told me that it was way too big and that he would get lethargic and die. Oh, he also said that heaters are not necessary and tried to convince me not to buy a new one.

Honestly, these people ..
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Originally Posted by onefiveoneone View Post
Oh, he also said that heaters are not necessary and tried to convince me not to buy a new one.

Honestly, these people ..
that happens to me a lot too and i hate that so much .. it's just so awkward .. it's like they are pretending to be your friend and intentions is to save you money so customers are suppose to think they are a good guy not pressuring you to buy something .. but they don't know any better .. it's like you have to politely tell them no thanks for their recommendations and that u want to buy the thing anyway .. but then you think to yourself .. if you should say something .. or not ..
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