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Old Man Betta

I've had my red Crowntail (Firefly) for 2 and a half years now... He's not a very active fish anymore... usually finds his spot on a leaf in his 3 gal bowl and chills there till I feed him and then he's all over the food... then back to his spot. Am I assuming correctly that this is normal behavior for an older fish to get lethargic and chill in his recliner all day? He's never had any sickness that I've been aware of and otherwise seems like a healthy fish.
I recently added a snail to the bowl that's the size of an olive that he flares his fins at.

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Yes, my almost 2 year old fish likes to sit in his christmas moss all day. He is still fairly active, but much slower than he used to be, or my 2 younger fish. I joke that he sits on his christmas moss and flares at the other male (in a divided tank), and yells "get off my lawn!" all day. Congrats on keeping your boy happy and healthy for so long!
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Yep, that's totally normal! We have a 3 1/2 year old male that basically just lays in his plants all day. He'll do one or two laps around the tank to patrol his terriory, and then chill the rest of the day =)
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