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I generally culture infusoria/microorganisms in the tank from the snails and from the live plants...also, nearly anything organic will produce some microorganism in some form-especially leaf litter-but usually not enough to support the fry for much longer than 10-14 days...depending on the number of fry....and by that time the fry are big enough for newly hatched BBS.....

I keep two BBS hatcheries going 24 hours apart-so that I can feed newly hatched BBS with yolk sac intact for the most nutrition-once the BBS molt and use the yolk sac they have limited nutrition-they will lack the needed HUFA the Betta fry need and this can cause sudden death and other health problems long term-the first 2 weeks are most important-especially if BBS is the only food you are offering....once the fry are older I supplement the BBS with HUFA supplement (Silcon) so that I can offer larger size brine shrimp as the fry grow.

I don't feed microworms-but a lot of member do and can give you more info on them.....MW are a good choice to add/use for the fry-I would get a culture going now.

Also, be sure and cover the top of the spawning tank with something to help retain the heat and humidity for labyrinth organ development by 2 weeks of age....I generally cover my spawning tank with plastic veggie wrap once I remove the male or if I plan to keep the male with the fry long term I cover the tank from the start...that cool dry air can do a number on fry and can cause mass fry loss and/or poor development and you end up with belly sliders, fallers, swimbladder problems in general if they survive..... that is.....

Save the world....

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Captain Jim Dandy
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Dear Oldfishlady, you've been so good to me-- hope you are not offended I did not get back to you. It's six a.m. Saturday morning--just got back from work. I read and copied your piece on feeding fry. Thank you! This is not basic stuff to me.
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Not at all.....this is a forum...not a its not expected for us to get back as no worries......all is good.....
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