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Exclamation help my girls pls!

Hi everyone... my sorority of 5 girls is in trouble. I'm posting from my phone and I have no clue how to copy n paste that list... so I'll do my best to fill in all the situations details.

5 females and some ghost shrimp (they're out with the plants)
Tank size, 10 g
Is heated and filtered, live plants are normally in - I took them out when I started using meds.
Water chem is fine, I've been doing obsessive WCs.

Ok, so for about a week now, I've noticed some ich on one of my girls. I run out and buy that "ick clear, made by jungle" and try it. Other than staining the heck out of my silicone, it didn't do anything. By that point, the ich spread to 2 other girls. I did a 100% WC and used coppersafe. It seems to be clearing up the ich.
But nooooow a few of my girls are acting weird. Laying on the bottom, breathing weird. Their fins also look horrible, like they're falling apart. SO, I added a bit of AQ salt (according to package instruction of 1tbsp per 5g) to help with their fins. I'm lost and so so worried!
They are eating fine and still have energy to swim up and everything, they just seem to be chillin at the bottom a lot.

Anyone who can help us, please?
Thank you thank you thank you!
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Sorry to hear your girls aren't well.

That amount on the AQ salt isn't for bettas- it's 1-3 teaspoon (which 3 doesn't equal one tablespoon) per gallon for bettas, as they can't handle anymore then 3 without going into the danger zone. It will cause liver damage and kidney failure if over exposed and used for too long..
Unless it is for rot, just missing fins you don't use salt for..
Coppersafe is very harsh and heavy and normally that's last to go to..

If you are using both Coppersafe and AQ salt, also a no-no..

Do a 100% water change to clean out your tank (only saying this because you already just recently done so).
You can also place them in their cups and float in their tank to keep warm and make the daily 100% water changes easier- just premix everything in a gallon water jug.

If they have ich, here is the best way to treat it:
Raise the tank temp to 85*F, Add 1 tsp/gal Aquarium Salt 3 times, 12 hours apart so that you end up with 3 times the normal concentration (3 teaspoons). Perform daily 100% water changes to remove fallen parasites before they can reproduce. Replace the water with the right amount of salt. Do not continue this treatment for more than 14 days. If it fails or you do not want to use salt, treat with Jungle’s Parasite Clear, API Super Ick Cure, or Kordon Rid Ich Plus.

The fins could be that they fought each other- which happens quit normally regardless how long they have been together. Sounds as if they are overly stressed.

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