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Hi guys,

Originally Posted by bastage View Post
So I have seen on more then 1 occasion where one member has told another member that this is a family site & that there language was not appropriate.. On more then 1 of these occasions what was said was not classified as a curse word by any government & are words that are alowed to be said on PBS.

So if there is a problem with words being said why isnt the language filter in vbulliten being used so that users dont need to police other users.

If this is a feature that the admin was un-aware of it's "Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Censorship Options -> Censored Words"
In answer to your question, the censored word filter here would allow us to replace letters in words we specify with a specific character. It is therefore not of much use to us, since it could leave posts looking like

Go **** yourself, you ****** *******! This is the stupidest **** I have ever seen!
We would much prefer to see members exhibit self control than to see this sort of thing peppered throughout the forum.

Originally Posted by laughing View Post
Here's what I think;

Some one curses. Your first option, the right option, is to click that little exclamation point and report the post. Instantly it goes out to the mods/admin and they can sneak right in and clean up the language. It is over with it, there's no argument, the thread can go on peacefully, and yet there is no longer any inappropriate language.

Some one curses. Your second option, the wrong option, is you decide to take moderation into your own hands when you have zip power, and decide you'll post a lovely little comment preaching this as a family site and that their language is highly offensive and they need to cut it out right this instant. (Or whatever you feel inclined to say.) Guess what? Curse word(s) are still there and now the whole thread is disrupted. Suddenly an argument arises and now two or more members have a large disagreement and we have bad riddance amongst them. What does that solve in any way? Now the child (if we're directing this thread towards "family friendly") sees the curse word(s) as well as the disagreement and they're receiving that bad influence.

It's simple... Just click, and you're done. It's not anyone else's job! So please, no more arguing. Let's all get along and let the mods be the "bad guys"!
Originally Posted by vaygirl View Post
A big YES to what Laughing said. While its fairly simple to come in and take a few seconds to edit out a word, taking out multiple posts that are addressing that one word is more time consuming!
Laughing and vaygirl are 100% right. Reporting a post for profanity requires very little effort, alerts moderators to members who have recurring issues with profanity so we can address them, and, arguably most importantly, ensures that threads do not get derailed with arguments about what language is appropriate and who should and should not be moderating whom.

We appreciate everyone's good intentions, but the best way to help maintain the community is to report posts that contain profanity or are otherwise problematic so that a member of the team can edit them out with as little disruption to the thread as possible.

On that note, I am closing this thread to ensure this important take away is not lost in subsequent replies. Please do pm me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns on the matter. Thanks, everyone!
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