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Originally Posted by Bettas Rule View Post
...I hope I get some rosetails, the breeders I have spoken to say that it's the rose tail genetics that produce the finnage that we all love....
It is not uncommon for breeders to cull rosetails.
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Bettas Rule
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Originally Posted by Dragonlady View Post
It is not uncommon for breeders to cull rosetails.
Yes that's true, just not the breeders with top show fish. There may be some exceptions, but from my searching the top breeders use rose tails. The breeder I bought my fish from told me about rosetails as well as double tails. She told me why they are essential to any show/breeding program. All anyone has to do is look at the top betta breeders stock shops to see rosetail lineage. Aquastar71 sold a VERY extreme yellow rose tail for $700 recently on aquabid and everyone loves his fish.
I do agree with most people that you will have some deformities, as I have recently found one in my spawn. I just don't feel that one deformed fish out of over a hundred is a good enough reason not to breed rosetails. Especially because rosetails are not always unhealthy or deformed. My male is a perfect example of a great rose tail. he has no bad scaling or small or malformed ventral either. He is also not hindered by his large and long fins. I agree that the malformed and deformed versions should be culled and not used but the good rose tails should be used, because we don't know enough about betta genetics to say if it's strictly the rose tail gene that causes the deformities or if it's a multitude of factors. In my opinion if it was strictly a rose tail gene thing it would effect ALL rose tails and not just some of them.

I have been doing a TON of research on the rose tail phenomena recently, and to be honest, I hope most american breeders do stay away from rosetails....That just makes less competition for me.

Thanks for the advice BTW I really appreciate you taking the time
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Bettas Rule
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Well I can't ge the sibling pair to spawn. I tried in a ten gallon and in a large container. The male builds the nest and the female has bars and flirts but yesterday I came in to her tearing him up. I removed him and started treating him for extensive fin damage. I did the same for the female . I am gonna recondition them and try again...

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Aww, I'm sorry about your male.
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