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Old 11-12-2011, 08:04 PM   #1 
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snail questions...

So i'm considering getting a snail for both of my tanks. I know they breed like crazy so if i get only one per tank will i be alright? Is there a breed better than others that i should look for? I'd like something really pretty if possible (that makes me sound so shallow, haha) Also is there a staple pellet that i should feed them? Would they eat the sinking wafers i have for my corycats? Any snail info in general would be great, i'm a novice to all things aquatic and kinda learning as i go, lol

OH! the big question i wanted to ask, i know i should qt them before putting them in my tank... the problem is i don't have an extra tank to qt them in. Should i buy a little 2g or something to qt them in? Also what's a good amount of time to keep them in qt?
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Old 11-14-2011, 03:33 PM   #2 
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I've never heard of a reason to QT snails - but if you have heard something different, better safe than sorry. I've never had any issues with snails bringing disease into my tanks.

Tiger nirite snails are very pretty, and you can have just 1 in your tank. With large snails though you do need to make sure that you feed them enough, if you rely solely on the algae your tank is producing they will probably die.

Cories won't have any interest in algae pellets (well, they may be interested for a few seconds, but then they'll realize it's not something they want to eat). They aren't really algae eaters, and as long as you are feeding them bottom-feeder pellets and they aren't starving you shouldn't have a problem with them eating the wafers.
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Old 11-14-2011, 04:28 PM   #3 
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I qted my snails for a few days, they don't need much room, I used one of those food storage containers, the kind you can use a few times and toss. A bit of conditioned water, and piece of algae wafer kept him happy. Did it mostly cause I bought an injured one. Even a betta cup will work.
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Old 11-14-2011, 10:45 PM   #4 
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Location: Indiana
awesome thanks guys! i ended up not qting them... i thought i heard someone somewhere qting snails so i thought i was supposed too but now i'm hearing different. I ended up getting a mystery snail for each tank... i wanted nerite but my choices were limited. all the stores i refuse to buy from because of the poor quality of their bettas are the ones that sell snails, of course, lol. petsmart was kinda my only option. they're both doing alright... my one fell off the top of this log decoration i had and was upside down so i righted him and he's just been chilling since... we shall see what happens i guess...
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Old 11-25-2011, 10:41 PM   #5 
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Some snails like to climb out of the water.. or at least mine do. I've never had mystery snails-strike that. I have, I think. It died. I was inexperienced back then. What are they like? (The people at my PetSmart always give me a look when I ask for fish... and they start explaining what they need. Argh ) I've never gave my snails wafers, I'm sure they will enjoy them. Mine eat flakes ( I saw them before), it's so cool. I think one should be alright, one you get two you will end up with 100. :)
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