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Mystery for sure has SBD... any methods to cure or atleast better the situation. It is so sad to see him struggle. He cant swim to the bottom anymore. He immediately floats right to the top and swims sideways and it is preventing him from feeding. If there are any cures, please let me know.

Thanks so much,
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My betta is now in day two of treatment and doing very well. 1tsp of pure epsom salt per gallon of dechlorinated water. Water should be heated between 76-80 degrees and fast him for 2 days. Also change the water daily and readd salt on each water change. You can treat this up to 10 days. This is what I was told to do and my fish is now swimming normal, not bloated at all, and doing very well. Im not sure what size tank he is in but if you have a smaller tank it is easier if you move him in there until the treatment is over, I found this easier for water changes and he was able to swim easier since the water isn't as deep.

Hopefully a more experienced member will weigh in soon but I would get him in that salt water. You can get epsom salt at any pharmacy usually by the laxatives or topical anticeptics.
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Looks like Wwendy has you covered :)

1-2 tsp per gallon, pre-dissolve it prior to adding in your guy, use water conditioner. Daily 100% water changes. Should only be a few days.. you can use a qt tank or a small soap-free tupperware to float in his home tank to keep him warm.
If you use a smaller container then a gal, you can use an empty water gallon jug to mix everything in to use for the daily water changes.
Epsom is safe to use for as long as needed, past the 10 days- the 10 days rule apply to AQ salt. But for SBD/bloating it should only take within a week to fix.. you can remove him the day after you see him swimming correctly.

Good luck, keep us updated.
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