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Originally Posted by Kytkattin View Post
I have more pictures to share! One is a drawing I did that hangs over her tank. You can see the thing I built out of styrofoam for her tank (it is covered in grout, is the the light/white/grey thing. I am not very happy with it so far. She is too tiny to use it well. I added a ton more bark so the bottom half is basically closed off for now and I put a hiding spot on the surface. I will rebuild eventually. Probably over the summer.
Nice! What size is Octavia's home?
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first of all, before I forget- kytkattin that's a BEAUTIFUL enclosure for Octavia!!

Second, to all those who hate roaches and crickets- you're all welcome to come to Newfoundland!! :D Neither can survive our climate! (ppl feed crickets to their reps and whtever but if they escape they cannot breed or last long outside, even in summer [my sister had a few escape a couple yrs back]) On the other hand, whoever said they're afraid of mice.. Well the older parts of town are crawling with them! sorry!
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We have wild crickets here O_o Roaches no, unless you count my Family name LOL
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All the roaches used for food in captivity need to have like 85-90 degree warmth to if one escaped in your house, it might live for a while, but wouldn't make babies. But the good thing is dubias can't climb or jump..unlike crickets, yuck. It's nearly impossible to have crickets and not see an escapee! Yuck yuck!
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She is in a 10 gallon. I am not super happy with build. It was my first try... She is too tiny for it. And it isn't easy to clean/take out. I need to come up with other designs. No rush though, it is going to be my senior project!
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