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Old 11-28-2011, 11:00 PM   #1 
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I must say, I work at a pretty great Petsmart

Honestly, this particular store is the best chain store I've seen for taking care of our animals. And the staff really know what they're talking about. Every piece of information I have heard anyone give out is right. The guy I work with most of the time and I were complaining tonight about how low the suggested tank sizes on the tags for the fish are. Everyone there has multiple pets themselves, knows how to take care of them properly, loves animals, and understands the basic needs of animals.

Our fish tanks are scrubbed everyday, and different species of fish get different foods. We have a quarantine tank for sick fish. Even fish with just ripped fins get treated. As do fish that get beat up on in their tanks (by bigger fish of the same species). We pull dead fish out whenever we see them (inevitably, there are some that die). The water is clean and the fish are healthy. I have yet to see one sick fish in the tanks. Only a few are quarantined, and most are for ripped fins. Our bettas get their cups cleaned twice a week (which still isn't enough, but much better than other stores). All the bettas look very healthy and I've only seen one dead one.

Our birds, reptiles and small mammals get their bedding cleaned and get fed every morning. And checked on again at night. We are even supposed to, at the very least, pet each hamster, guinea pig, rat, chinchilla etc every time we check on them to keep them socialized. The reptiles get misted twice a day. We make sure everything is eating. Snakes have a feeding chart to make sure they ate on certain days, and if they didn't, it's written down and tried again the next day. And even the snakes and lizards get handled.

All our sick/injured animals get quarantined. They are checked on twice a day. The sick ones get medicated as often as needed (they are checked by a vet). They only go back out on the floor when they are 100% again. New arrivals also get quarantined. And both the sick and new arrival rooms are temperature and humidity controlled.

Not to mention, we are actually encouraged to give advice on the good of the pet, even if it means losing a sale. If someone with a 10 gallon tank wants 5 goldfish in it, we are encouraged to tell them that is way too small. It is really nice.

So there are some good chain pet stores out there. And I am quite happy and relieved to say, that I work at the best one I've ever visited.
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Old 11-29-2011, 11:41 AM   #2 
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Wow, sounds like a wonderful place to work!
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It does sound like a great place to work! I'm glad that there is at least ONE good petsmart out there :)
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