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Update on KitKat

To all who helped me out on my "emergency thread" a few weeks ago, thanks..

Although it sucks that we don't have Phin anymore, Kit Kat is turning out to be such a joy! I have one of those heaters that you'd generally sit on when you're cold or something and it's sitting under his keeps the cage at about 30 c all the time .. he loves it! Plus that way I can wait til I find a better buy..all my local pet stores seem to have really crappy products in terms of heat for the tank he has..

Kit Kat is so interactive. I have never met a fish so into interacting with humans. It is absolutely hilarious! Whenever I come to the front of the tank he gets excited because it usually means treat time. If I put my face down to the tank and move it from side to side, he moves his head side to side in order to keep looking at me. When I pick up either of his (four) foods, he starts swimming in circles to the top of the tank where the food-door is. I have now for him pellets, flake food, freeze dried blood worms, and (tube) or (tubular) worms ( i cant remember the name - Dad gave them to me )

It's so funny comparing Kit Kat to our community fish tank upstairs. Kit Kat is so interactive just even when I walk past he gets excited and comes out of his plant to see me at the front of the tank. My Dad's fish tank (tiger barbs, cat fish, plecos, tetras/neons) is so lame compared to just Kit Kat. They all interact with one another, even when you drop food in the tank, they ignore it for a while. Kit Kat stabs at it right away.

Ahh I'm loving my Betta! :)

Dad said for christmas he might buy Kit Kat a larger tank..which means we MIGHT add some other fish to it. This tank we're looking at has an air filter which goes up the middle of the tank and under the rocks or something, and a cool light that changes between 4 different colors...I wonder if Kit Kat would like that. :)

Anyway, I just really do want to thank everyone for helping me save Kit Kat..he's my best friend now :P :)
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