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Old 11-28-2011, 05:37 PM   #21 
tpocicat's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Fresno, Ca
I'm afraid we have all seen really awful betta care in their LFS. We really don't need to see such pictures here especially since we are trying to take the best care of our fish. Thank you moderators for doing your job!
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Old 12-01-2011, 01:11 AM   #22 
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Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: California, USA
Thank you for the apology for not contacting me when my thread was deleted.

Though I feel the need to point out none of the fish were dead. They were in horribly dirty/cloudy water. I even put *in the title* "Warning: Pictures" but apparently that was not enough. I only saw two replies before it got removed, so I had to get help elsewhere. I didn't just post upsetting pictures for the heck of it, I had an important question regarding getting justice for the neglect I saw.

I didn't mean to disturb anyone. I have seen far worse in my Betta advocacy efforts, perhaps I have become desensitized to it. That quote by Albert Schweitzer always comes to my mind, "Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight."

Also, please do not turn this thread into a "bash the Mods and Admins" because that was NOT my intention when making it. I simply wanted to know what happened to the thread.

Case closed, I suppose.
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Old 12-01-2011, 01:13 AM   #23 
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Central Texas
If anyone has any questions or comments about forum rules I suggest they take them to Admin.
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Old 12-01-2011, 01:26 AM   #24 
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Vancouver, WA
Just like to add that I've found the mods helpful or at least responsive. DQ in particular, as we seem to have the same (lack of) regular sleeping schedule. I've gotten into a few tiffs and the mods are fair in what gets removed and keep the peace. Try to remember there are thousands of members here, probably hundreds who are on every day or every other day, all different ages, religions, colors, orientations, all over the world, etc. so balancing that is obviously precarious. I just think that doing the best they can is good enough as there are what, 6 or so of them that are active many of us?

I have been annoyed when my symbol-d curse word in a thread full of adults is removed but others made by children and preteens stay, but in the big picture, it's totally irrelevant. I've made a few good friends that I actually get to meet with from this forum - Tisia took care of my fish and checked on my apartment for me while I was gone over Thanksgiving! There are many forums where it would be foolish to trust ANYONE with ANY personal information about you. I feel safe doing that here, communicating with members, and also feel I can express myself honestly and not worry about petty bannings, etc.

This is a little ramble-y but I hope y'all get the point.
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