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Heater died and pet store is closed.

Hi everyone. I am posting to get some advice on my Halfmoon betta, Ryuu. He is in a filtered 10 gallon tank with three cory fish and is acting happy and healthy, but his water temperature is currently around 68 degrees. I live in the desert and the temperature is usually very warm in the house, but last night a cold front came through. This morning I noticed his heater wasn't working and I can't get it to come on. Of course, the only pet store in town closed about 10 min before I realized this. Again, he isn't acting abnormal or anything, but I am concerned since I know the temperature should stay around 80 degrees F consistently. I can get him a new heater first thing tomorrow when the store opens, but will he be alright overnight? What precautions can I take and what warning signs would I need to watch for? I am running the heater in the house but it tends not to heat up the tanks very quickly or efficiently. I also have his incandescent light on since that should warm up the water at least a bit. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
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insulate him as best you can, maybe a 50% water change with some 80 ish degree water (slowly to not raise the temp too fast) then wrap the tank with towels. Make sure the lid's tight or cover the top with saran wrap.

that's all i can think of maybe someone else has a better idea.
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I had this happen with my 5 gallon after the heater pooped out... I ordered a better heater online and my 5 gallon has been without a heter for about 4 days (heater shuld be here tomorrow)
I heated up my apartment to help keep the tank warm, its kept right around 75 (not ideal) but the male in the tank has been acting fine
I would just try to keep your place as warm as possible, you can put a lamp over to help with warmth, but he should honestly be fine for one night
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