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Official "PetCo Baby Betta" Thread

I've seen several threads regarding "Baby Betta" for sale at PetCo. I wanted to start this thread for all discussion about PetCo selling Baby Betta, pictures of your new fish or what you've seen at your local stores, and stories of our success and failures.

I am really not sure how I feel about Betta being sold so small. I know that in the hands of your average fish keeper most do not have a chance. Those that do survive to adulthood will probably spend the rest of their lives in cold water in the 1/4 gallon "tank" they have stocked with them in the display.

Regardless, after hearing about petco selling true "baby" betta, I had to go take a look. Sure enough, I saw no less then 30 colorless, unsexable almost-fry less then the size of my thumbnail, fins included.

I had no intention of actually buying one of these poor fish, but then I saw one that was slightly larger then the rest in the baby cups. This one had started to show a blue and red mix of color and was clearly a double tail. Sure enough I walked out of the store with a miniscule but potentially beautiful new fish at the low low cost of $1.99.

I brought him home on Saturday. He is in M1's old 1 gallon corner tank. My apartment is running at a cool 80 degrees and his tank is holding solid at a comfortable 78. If he makes it to be large enough, I will add him to the empty section of my divided 10 gallon. He currently eats crushed hikari and frozen bloodworms.

Not going to get too attached to his fragile little guy just yet, but my fingers are crossed.

Anyone else fall victim to this cuteness trap? Post your pictures and tell your stories.
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Old 12-05-2011, 04:52 PM   #2 
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My Petco doesn't seem to be participating in this "Baby Betta" thing going on, I was there Saturday and they didn't have a single cup that said Baby on them, and they had just gotten a fresh supply of adults (I think we have a local breeder who supplies them.)
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I haven't seen any at our store either, and I think I'm thankful for that. I wouldn't find raising one, but most of the bettas at our store (and most stores) are bought by parents for their hyperactive children and these little bettas won't stand a chance.
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I would guess his age at about 2-3 months old, no more than three months.

He's a cute little guy (if he is a guy). That is pretty exciting because you are basically raising your own bettas into adults. Thats very cool! It's good for us to be able to buy them when they are still fry, but it is also, bad for the fry because just imagine how much their elders take on and can somewhat recover from, their immune system isn't even developed to take on harsh conditions in the pet stores. again, its a good think but a bad thing too.

Yours is so cute! I love the nice colors on it! And one of my favorites are DTHM or DTHMPK.

I'd like to see some updates on it, It looks like he/she'll turn into quite a beauty! And i'd like to know if it is a female or male, so if you dont end up saying on here, you can PM me!

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I am pretty sure he is a male, but having never owned a doubletail (I'm PRETTY sure he is a DbT) i don't really know much about them.

I am really hoping he is a halfmoon double.

He is still doing well. Might try to feed him a few microworms tonight, but i think he is a little big for them.
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Name:  100_0380.jpg
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This is my baby betta Casper. I got him on Halloween, so hes put on weight since then
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CalvinWill, I still feed microworms to my 4 month fry. They love them. So do my neon tetras.
I was at my Petco this Sunday, and so far, no baby bettas.
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Originally Posted by tpocicat View Post
CalvinWill, I still feed microworms to my 4 month fry. They love them.
Good to know. I just got a culture from my betta club for my upcoming spawn. I thought they were just for the first two weeks of the fry.
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Old 12-06-2011, 12:58 PM   #9 
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Location: Fresno, Ca
For the first two weeks of the fry's life, they are essential because the fry are so small. As they grow, there are more choices for them. I feel my four month old fry crushed pellets, crushed flakes, frozen foods of several differant kinds, and microworms.
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Old 12-09-2011, 01:56 AM   #10 
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I fell for it. Or, well, my family did. I had mentioned wanting a fish and they came home with this little bitty thing in a bowl. I immediately thought fish abuse and did my research. Now, a week later I have a 5 gallon 8 sided type tank with a heater and filter. I still need to go out and get a thermometer and some good food. But I'm still really new at this and I have a lot of questions. This is also my first post to the thread.

My betta (when I learn how to post pics I will) is about half the size of my pinky, maybe a bit smaller. I haven't had the time to look too much into the sex and type, but I THINK it's a girl...then again, it's a young fish so I might not be able to tell yet. I can't tell an age...maybe you guys have a general idea given the approx. size?

If it is a girl, her name is Temperance. If not, it's Rick Castle -but that chat is for later.

I'm really concerned about the feeding. I have this zoo med betta food that grows when you put it in the water. My little fish can hardly hold it in her mouth and it takes her over three minutes to eat it. So far I've been feeding her 3 times every other day and doing it in cyces. One the night before, one in the morning, and one in the evening -because it takes her so long to eat it and honestly the food (once submerged) is larger than her eye- I really don't want her to bloat up. But she kind of gives me that look (I'm sure you all know it) like she's starving so today I gave her two pellets in her night feed. She looks like she wants more...decieving fish.

Still doing my research, but I saw this thread and decided since I got 1.99 fishy from petcoe I may as well post :)

After exams I hope to have everything for her (or him). I know I want to get better food, some blood worms, a thermometer, softer plants...possibly a larger heater (I think mine is for 1-3 gallon?) and a Castle that's softer on the fins. And any thing else she/he needs. Me and this fish have really bonded. Never thought I'd bond with a fish but she/he follows my finger and hangs out on the side of the tank by my bed all the time. She/he is the coolest little fish...

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baby betta, baby betta care, baby betta photos, cuteness overload, good luck guys:), petco, petco babies, petco baby betta

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