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Sena Hansler
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Exclamation Spartan's jaw is receding/deteriorating?

For any who do not know who Spartan is: he is 2.5 years old, 3 in February. I got him when he was an itty bitty dull orange approximately 6 month old betta. When he was 2 he survived a mystery poisoning, and since then has gone strong. Recently I found out his dark blue spot was really a tumor, and it has gotten a little bigger, somewhat on his fin. He is "hand raised" docile to all fish, and doesn't even flare at his betta neighbor, Ghengis.

Anyways the issue:

I cannot really explain it... but he used to have a large underbite Now, it isn't... I do not have a working camera sorry. But I'll try my best to explain.

Around his mouth is black, as his coloring always was there. Fully orange head... now, on his bottom jaw it's white. Not cottony, fluffy, or anything... but looks like the "skin" on the outside has deteriorated! Leaving what I believe is his teeth/jawbone exposed. It isn't hurting him any, as he eats his pellets well. Only changes, is we moved, and he is in the same tank just divided (ten gallon) and shared with Ghengis. He has of course been having a little trouble turning because of the tumor.

Has anyone else seen this happen? What it is from? anything I can do to either stop it, or make it more comfortable?

I took him out in a cup, and with my hand lifted him just a little bit so I could see his head. It doesn't look like cotton mouth... or any fungus... this started about a week ago I'd say. His bottom teeth used to be prominant (looked like a two tooth spikes :p ) but now isn't at all... He is also less interested to respond to me, and doesn't even care about much around him which I think is just because of age.

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You could try putting him on a preventative dose of aquarium salt to see if he improves any.

Even if he isn't showing blatant fungus signs, it might very well be a fungus.
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It may just be age. Like, how older humans will lose their teeth more easily even if they brush and floss regularly. I've noticed with Luigi (Who is 2 and 1/4-ish or so) that he tends to bloat really easily to the point that I cut back on his food. Since the food doesn't bother Snowy (a little over 1 years old) I think Luigi doesn't digest food as well as he used to, but he still can avoid being constipated if I make his meals a bit smaller.

I would simply monitor him for now since he can still eat and doesn't seem distressed. If anything gets worse or the white patch does look like it's becoming fuzzy, then I would think about aquarium salt. Based on the info above, I tihnk Spartan is simply looking his age like Luigi is beginning to look his age. Not that 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 year old fish are elderly or anything. But they aren't as young as Snowy anymore either. ^_^;
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Sena Hansler
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Yeah I had to cut back on his food because he became easily bloated... there was one case that his face was "puffy"... But I used epsom and he is fine now. I have just never seen the actual skin (the orange/black) look like it has deteriorated... lol though I know he lost his bottom teeth :) which I do believe is an old man thing

But he is old for his condition, and I know that... I've had two other fish who lasted 4-7 years, but all they did was got duller colors, didn't hold their fins as well, and a bit more lazy so this is new, and strange, to me. I will keep an eye on it though, just in case. if it causes problems I may have to contemplate euthanising my old boy :(
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