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New Betta

I have had 3 betta fish in the past before and it never occurred to me to research them (unfortunately). After my third betta fish died, I didn't find myself wanting another one until now. Having several other pets, I have learned that pet keeping is never as simple as one thinks. So I began researching. I found this forum and was really impressed with all of the information and advice I found. I find that personal experience is far better than commercial as stores will advertise living conditions that I wouldn't even put a shrimp in! I bought a crown tailed betta from Walmart as my Petsmart wasn't selling any. Unfortunately, now I believe that I bought an unhealthy fish. Dante stays at the bottom a lot (much like my second fish when he was about to die) and has trouble reaching the surface. I am not personally happy that I have to do this, but I put him in a bowl as it made it easier for him to reach the surface. I have been trying to find other ways to help him but I don't have much hope. However, I refuse to return him to walmart. I have heard that it is part of their policy to flush returned fish down the toilet, even if they're alive! I couldn't risk that. Anyways, I so happened to be at Petco, looking at fish supplies and I saw their betta selection! They had gorgeous fish! I have never seen such a variety of betta fish! I saw a halfmoon that I liked, but he was way too expensive. Then I saw a Delta tail betta that looked similar to him and seemed very lively. Perhaps it wasn't prudent, but I bought him. The picture doesn't do him justice. Flash was the only setting that allowed me to capture his colors as closely as possible. I just love him!
Here he (still thinking of a name) is in the store cup before I was going to begin acclimating him to the tank water:
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Wow that is one nice Betta. Maybe I will get a multi colored unless they have a butterfly
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He's gorgeous!!!
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Good on you for getting informed this time around and wanting to to things the "right" way.
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you could try some epsom salt for your CT... 1tsp per gallon, and see is that helps him out. My PK girl was doing that and the Ep. salt worked wonders for her. But read over this first... make sure it isn't dropsy...

•Symptoms: Your betta will have a bloated belly and raised scales. They will look like a pine cone. This is usually a fatal disease caused by an internal bacterial infection resulting in internal organ failure but many have had success bringing fish back when treated quickly.
Early Symptoms: Swollen eyes (important), Gray belly (important), Clamped fins, Lethargy. If your fish has swollen eyes and a gray belly, I suggest that you treat it for Dropsy.
•Treatment: If you spot the early signs of Dropsy then treat him/her with ES at 1-2tsp/gal and Jungle’s Anti-Parasite pellets while performing 100% daily water changes. It helps to increase the temperature to 84*F. If he/she has begun Pineconning then do the full course as described below:
Performing daily 100% water changes. Increase the temperature to 84*F. Add 1-2 tsp/gal Epsom Salt. Use API General Cure OR API Erythromycin OR Maracyn II and/or Maracyn for best results. Feed something containing Metronidazole, for example, Jungle’s Anti-Parasite pellets. If caught early, Dropsy is curable.

Swim Bladder Disease (SBD)/Bloat
•Symptoms: Betta has trouble swimming, maybe he can’t stay upright and can only swim on his side.
•Treatment: This is not a contagious or fatal illness. If it isn’t congenital (aka a condition that he/she has had since birth), then it is caused by over feeding or feeding the wrong foods. Bettas will typically recover after a day or two of Epsom Salt treatments (1-2tsp/gal) and fasting. You can help prevent a reoccurrence by switching to a better pellet food, feeding less and offering a more varied diet. To make it easier for the betta to eat and breath, you can make the water shallower. You can offer him/her frozen daphnia (sold at Petsmart) as daphnia will help him/her pass stool. DO NOT FEED THEM PEAS.
taken from the disease forum
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he's very pretty. I'm sure you can ask on here and try and figure what might be wrong with him (if anything) and see if you can get him some help. It would be great to see him thrive and I am happy too that you didn't take him back to walmart that's terrible that they flush them
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That's great! I'll definitely try those tips and see if they work!
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He's beautiful!
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