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Old 12-21-2011, 06:13 PM   #1 
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Tail biting :(

Laying in bed emailing a rescue and I look up and see my gorgeous boy Flagg is spinning (trying to at least) and taking off bites of his tail

His fins are seriously long and when he swims its obvious they weigh him down, he can't swim very long and tires easily, I have a bunch of "rest stations" for him... but he prefers to chill next to the mug in his tank

Any recommendations on how to help him out? I know theres nothing I can really do to stop it... but I feel bad watching him when he does it and when he swims

His fins are longer and he is a bit darker now...

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Old 12-22-2011, 01:00 AM   #2 
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let him chomp if he can. just keep his water clean, if he has a filter, baffle it or turn it off, and keep up with the rest stations. i've heard of people cutting tails, but i'd NEVER do that. o.0
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If it's really hindering him you could trim his fins however I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you feel comfortable with it. It would require removing him from his tank and then medicating for a week to prevent infection. However a straight cut tends to heal better than a jagged one IME.

In my experience the weight of the tail usually isn't the issue. That fish has a pretty decent sized body to support those fins. You might try "conditioning" him... feeding him more and getting him to flare and move around at least 10 mins a day. IME this makes them less inclined to bite because they're bulked up and so aren't as hindered by the fins.

More exercise in general might keep him from attacking his fins.
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