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Looking to have tank mates 10g

I got this pretty male crowntail beta fish the other day and a 10g tank. My boyfriend and I are considering getting tankmates for it. One thing we have to consider is that his Birchir dinosaur fish is going to be in the tank also until it is 5 - 6 inches long. The Birchir will grow up to 70 cm, so we'll be moving it into the big community tank we have. The Birchir also won't bother anything that big as a betta fish. The two don't fight at least.

My boyfriend and I are considering what kind of tank mates to get. The Birchir is very non-aggressive even when it was in the community tank. However considering he wants to wait till his fish is bigger, can we get any tank mates for the betta? Should I wait until the Birchir is gone before we add tank mates?

Another small question to go with betta seems to float more towards the top and doesn't swim much at all, last night it stayed to the bottom. Should I be concerned? I know I just got the fish yesterday and the water heater today (I think it might be lethargic cause the water is colder now?) Could it be stressed? Or is it because the Birchir stays towards the bottom?

Never taken a care of a fish before so I'm like ahhhh like.
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I'd call that arrangment risky. You have two unpredictable species in there and it could very easily go wrong in seconds. Given that, plus the bioload of a birchir (even a baby one), I wouldn't even think about tank mates until the birchir has been moved.
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