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Sena Hansler
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Exclamation I need a new set up :/

1. Okay, so, El Dorado is with Riddle in the 10 gallon. Riddle has stressed poor El Dorado out, and now both have ich and clamped fins (day 2 of treatment)

2. Shadow is by his lonesome in a 10 he likes it, just he may need to be moved to the other 10 (after cleaned fully) because this filter does not adjust and unlike Shiloh or any of the others his long tail pulls him around, and he is a weak swimmer.

3. Females in the 29. I don't have dividers so I'll keep them there.

4. Shiloh in the 20. He came down with ich, before the 10 gallon (no cross contamination :/ ) but loves having a 20 and isn't biting his tail. He technically could go to a 10 by himself.

I need a new set up because I don't need bub bugging my El Dorado. And any tips, on a divided 10? I have a craft mesh divider, 2.5 inches above surface, as per usual. No breaching I'll be taking all fish out into holding units as I clean everything down, and sanitize ornaments. I may also, use ceramic/glass mugs as those are the only known safe items (I'm on a tight squeeze for money) asides from lego

I will note, Shiloh is vicious, Riddle taunts, Shadow is the mellow "I already know I'm better than you, I'm not even trying" and El Dorado doesn't flare at any darker colors, except purple. And the 10 gallon with an adjustable filter, during the move the lid got wrecked so the lights do not work. and when they do, the on off does not work.

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divided tank, set up

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