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Old 12-26-2011, 09:24 PM   #11 
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You could probably tell by my username, but I adore Crayola Crayons. I'll name my first betta by the color of it. The color won't be in English, though, it'll be in another language. It'll be in German most likely because I'm learning German in school. I'm not that good with naming things, but I normally try to find an inspiration for them.
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Originally Posted by DragonFish View Post
We're actually renting a house xD But, the Land Lords said no pets at all....and sometimes with fish, especially bigger tanks, from the perspective of a Land Lord, there could be water damages if something leaks or know. We just....didn't mention the fish(I did move three of my boys with passed a couple of weeks ago sadly, but he got something bacterial)and the lizard in case they did say no.
So, I'm just extra careful with water changes and such xD LOTS of towels.

I actually had an ich outbreak in my 20 long, which I'd divided for 5 boys. It wasn't all that bad though. I treated the tank and everything was fine.
The trick is just to watch everyone I think. If you see someone not acting normal, QT immediately and keep an eye on everyone a little closer, then treat accordingly. Also QTing for a week or two before adding someone new is helpful, just to be safe. But really you'll want to just make sure your dividers are secure more then anything....I find doubling up on the mesh helps, if you're like me and don't want to break out the silicone ;P
....I'll his hush now xD I'm rambling.

Awwwww <3 I LOVE the name Poinsettia btw! Poinsettias are one of my favorite things about the holidays xD
Thank you :D
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Old 12-29-2011, 03:17 PM   #13 
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Strangely enough, I named mine after a comic book character. His name is Logan.
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Old 12-29-2011, 06:28 PM   #14 
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Whatever comes to mind, really.

Mainly colours, like my green MG CT Dill being, well, the colour of a dill pickle.

Or Tigger, who is an orange/black BFHM marble - he had black stripes on his orange body when I first had him but now he's turned a matte dark orange.

Skipper is also a butterfly HM, but he's a red cambodian. Skippers are a type of butterfly, so it fits him sorta.

Bello because he's beautiful, and he knows he's beautiful.

Oatmeal . . . . erm . . . . I have no explanation for his name. Except that I was eating oatmeal cookies at the time. He goes by Oatie, though.

Tiny Tim . . . is tiny. Like, speck sized. Miniscule. Itty bitty. He's got some growing to do!

Hyacinth . . . . Because he reminds me of a big poofy pink flower, lol :P

Angel . . . . because he's the first nearly white CT I've had, and he's so graceful looking. :)

Pandora . . . . She was an ugly, sick little lady when I first brought her home, and now she's a beautiful copper dragon gal.

Oh and I once had an unnamed female betta, and I'd just gotten her. The top of the keeper I was keeping her in had been open and I was eating a big bowl of hot mac'n'cheese. I heard a splash and before I knew it she was flopping around in my bowl. Thankfully she wasn't hurt ... but from that day on her name was Mac :D
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Old 12-29-2011, 06:51 PM   #15 
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Ghost: he's transparent, difficult to find most of the time, and only eats living things.

Duke: red, blue and transparent, like he's wearing a royal robe or something. Also, he doesn't do much to impress the girls, and he builds massive bubble nests.

Lucky: found him at a petstore in a wine glass, and he had severe swim bladder disorder. He's fine now, and he likes to show off to the girls, almost like he wants to live up to his name and "get lucky" !

Panchali: after princess Panchali from the Big Bang Theory!

Cersei: from Game of Thrones. Cersei was the dominant female when I first got the girls, but now Panchali has de-throned her and calls the shots.

Latest addition - Lazarus: found him in conditions that should have killed any betta. Freezing water, rotting food and fish crap about a half inch deep, and locked in an office with no windows or light. I'm hoping he'll come back from the dead (or near dead, in this case), so I thought naming after someone who did come back from the dead might remind him that he's not alone!

I might get another girl for the sorority, but I still need to convince my hubby!
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Old 12-29-2011, 11:16 PM   #16 
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Dionysus... The greek god of wine. :) Dionysus was known to be sort of...well, you couldn't tell if he was a he or a she all the time. Made me laugh since so many people think long finned bettas are girls, and even worse--he was a plakat, so even the people who knew that long finned bettas were boys..thought he was a girl. LOL!

Next, the idea of wine and the dualities of drunkenness as represented by this mythological figure--The party, and the rage. Bettas are fun, cheerful little fish who are incredibly violent towards one another! I felt a betta represents that duality very well!

Then of course, he was the color of wine! A deep red that in the light was more of a purple. Looks much like the red wine Dionysus is depicted as drinking.

So that's how he was named. :)

My boyfriend named red beard because he had the surly personality of a pirate! And he was red. So. LOL!

I miss them both dearly!
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Old 12-29-2011, 11:39 PM   #17 
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hahaha great names everyone!
I love naming my pets after movies/tv shows, but sometimes it goes along with what colours they are. Or even completely random names.. Get ready for spam -_- LOL
Sheldon - Big Bang Theory
Belle - Beauty and the beast
Peekaboo - She hid all the time and I could never find her haha
Marbles - she's a marble. Lol
Ginger - red girlie
Rainbow - Rainbow girlie
Odin - Norse god (moms fish)
Marine - looked like he gave himself a buzzcut when i got him
Skyline - My favourite car :P and he's fast.
GoldenEye - has a golden eye...haha
Antonio - Name of the cute guy at our LPS who was super nice and kept talking to me :D

I still have one betta thats unnamed..Pretty little cellophane/white Delta/SD. Any name ideas would be great! If it helps, his eyes are super light purple O.O
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Old 12-30-2011, 02:46 AM   #18 
Ayane Hajinmon
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i name mine ALPHA cuz he is my first fish :D
Name:  ALPHA.jpg
Views: 46
Size:  16.7 KB
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Old 12-30-2011, 03:16 AM   #19 
Sena Hansler
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-takes a deep breath-

Mister: I was uncreative. and I always said "ouch! heyyy Mister, don't bite me!"
Finicky: little bumb made me get 3 different foods to find something he'd eat
Dusk: He looked like Dusk. Dark blue and red
Admiral: a true trooper
Madame: I was uncreative... And she was NOT a lady for sure -.-; meaner.
Maine: Lord, Maine idk. felt like calling him that o.o
Spartan: the toughest betta I have EVER met! He's survived a mystery poisoning, never lost his cool when Lord Magician Maine poofed to the other side (3 inches of divider ABOVE water o_o), he's roughed through a tumor AND what finally slayed my Sparta boy is some sort of flesh eating problem ;(
Shiloh: I saw him in the store. So sad looking... beaten up, torn up, lost scales... I went home, somehow he popped in my mind with the name Shiloh.. so I went back the next day and got him
Ghengis Khan: a ruler? .... not really but he looks cool and acts like he is all that.
El Dorado: the name says it all.
Riddle: friend is a H.P fan and named my fish
Shadow: He was a shadow in the background of the platy tank, and he is now a dark blue mellow. 'sposed to be black >:(
Marge and Tina (sisters): ... punny.
Zebra and Rose: Zebra grew fast and is fast, has submission stripes a lot of the time. Rose, is the only red.
Crayola Colors: name says it all
Voldemort: What a butt. Guess he suited the name? (joke: he too, has no nose.)
Sasuke: rescue, kept the name my friend gave him. Anime lover, she is o.o
Reggie: like Shiloh, same situation.
Nemphis: Walkin' in Memphis. Changed it
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Old 12-30-2011, 02:42 PM   #20 
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Ezra: I've always really liked the name and decided from the start that I wanted to name a betta Ezra (also Enoch, but I haven't found and bought one yet that suits that name). He looked like an Ezra to me, so Ezra he was.

Bebette: Cajun for "bug" (or "critter"). When I got both of the girls they were these tiny little things (they're still pretty small) and I thought it fit pretty well, and I liked it (thought it was amusing too). Turns out it works because I have a hard time finding her half the time! Haha

Haifisch: German for "shark" -- I thought the idea of naming a betta "shark" was amusing, and her coloration reminds me of sharks as well. She also eats like one, but isn't completely vicious (and most sharks aren't).

Kostya: I have a slew of Russian names I want to use, a number of which are from Anna Karenina (first Russian book I've read thus far) -- I love Russian nicknames and there were a lot in there that I liked. He didn't suit Enoch, and he's really struck me as a Kostya so, there we go. Incidentally, the Kostya in Anna Karenina is also arguably quirky.
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